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Who Is Ashley Dejong Husband? Family Amidst The Divorce News

The netizens are doing their job as they search for the details of Ashley Dejong and her husband amidst the official divorce news. Find out more further in this article.

Ashley Dejong is a known name in social media, especially TikTok, where she posts interactive videos.

She is one of the influencers who rose to fame while taking advantage of the ever-changing marketing world.

Further, Dejong shares personal stories that resonate with her viewers.

Her daily life snippets have garnered a huge following who are always invested in learning more about the media personality.

However, as rumors of her divorce surface online, many search for the details of Ashley Dejong and her husband.

Who Is Ashley Dejong Husband? Family Amidst The Official Divorce News

Recently, a video posted by Ashley Dejong has gained traction regarding her married life and her husband.

As per our information, Dejong had been married to a supportive individual for a long time.

However, details about her husband have not been revealed, as he prefers a private lifestyle.

Ashley Dejong in a grey outfit
Dejong has amassed a huge following in her accounts. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the influencer claimed her partner hated cameras and denied being in her online content.

Likewise, Dejong refers to her husband as “The Man” in her social media posts.

As for their love story, the pair spent eight years together and had a daughter named Rowan a few years after marriage.

However, things did not stay perfect for a long time, as Dejong decided to part ways with her husband.

According to her blog, the media personality began the divorce process late in 2018.

Yet, despite the move, she lived together with her husband before moving into her new home.

Moreover, according to sources, the couple, with a 24-year age gap, decided to keep the news of their split a secret from their daughter.

Meanwhile, Dejong requested her fans to give her privacy during the tough times through her writing.

Ashley Dejong daughter
Dejong loves spending quality time with her daughter. (Source: Instagram)

However, recently, the influencer mentioned that she and her husband started couples counseling and got back together.

Also, they started a new life together while working on their problems.

Over the years, rumors about the divorce of Ashley Dejong and her husband surfaced online.

Even so, Dejong clarified that the split is not official and her posts are only for content creation purposes.

Now, she enjoys her private life with her partner and daughter while focusing on her career.

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Rise In Social Media: Ashley Dejong’s Early Life And Career

Apart from her husband, Ashley Dejong is also known for her remarkable career in the social sphere.

Before entering the social platform, Dejong completed her associate’s degree from Mercy College of Health Sciences as a registered nurse.

She continued as a labor and delivery nurse for more than eight years.

Meanwhile, after the birth of her daughter, Dejong applied to The Peak Agency to work as a commercial model.

Ashley Dejong and her daughter
Dejong likes to keep details about her husband a secret. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she started her lifestyle blog, LadyandRed, with the name derived from the initials of her child’s name.

In 2013, the blogger won a contest that led her to create street-style posts for Wallis, a British clothing brand.

Currently, Dejong manages marketing strategies for her social media account while providing time for her family.

Likewise, she has not let her medical degree go to waste as she administers Botox and fillers to several customers.

Since 2021, the influencer has contributed to Morning Wood Bloody Mary as distribution manager.

Moreover, Dejong has also been the face of brands like The Style Bar Boutique, Republic of Tea, and Jord watches.

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