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Ashley Glazebrook Relationship: BGT Star And His Boyfriend Liam Durbidge Have A Daughter

Ashley Glazebrook is an English street dancer based in London, and people are curious to know more about Ashley Glazebrook Relationship. 

Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy finished second to Spelbound in the live final of Britain’s Got Talent’s fourth season in 2010 but won the spinoff program Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions in 2019, becoming the Champion of Champions.

They introduced and performed at each stop on the 70-day Olympic Torch Relay Tour in 2012 and at the volleyball, basketball, and badminton competitions at the Summer Olympics in London.

Twist, Ashley Glazebrook, was born on March 28, 1991, in Sidcup, London. He has two biological siblings and four adopted brothers. He has always loved music, particularly that of Michael Jackson.

Glazebrook developed a passion for dance while attending the Business Academy Bexley Secondary School. He joined a neighborhood street dance crew and started participating in competitions like the Streetdance Weekend UK Championships and the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas.

With BGT Live, Twist, and Pulse, they visited 14 different cities. Since then, they have performed nationwide, including in front of 20,000 spectators at the Midlands Music Festival.

They were hired for celebrity weddings and private events and performed a summer tour of all three of Butlin’s summer camps. BBC Northern Ireland asked Twist and Pulse to perform live on Children in Need 2010 in front of a sizable audience at the Odyssey.

They accompanied Jedward on their fourth Ireland tour, dubbed “The Carnival Tour,” in August 2011. This included performing on the T4 on the Beach central platform and ten dates.

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Ashley Glazebrook Relationship: Does BGT Star And His Boyfriend Have A Daughter?

Ashley Glazebrook Relationship with Liam Durbidge is that they are married. The answer to the question Does BGT Star And His Boyfriend Have A Daughter? is Yes, as they recently did a Surrogacy with the help of a friend and surrogate, Abbie.

Ashley also recently posted a picture of their baby girl, Tillie Glazebrook-Durbidge. according to Ashley’s post, their beautiful child was born on 06.01.23 at 00:24, one month before the expected delivery date.

Ashley Glazebrook Relationship 1
Ashley Glazebrook Relationship: The answer to the question Does BGT Star And His Boyfriend Have A Daughter? is Yes! (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she weighed 5.5 lbs at the time of her birth and is perfectly healthy, according to Ashley. In the post, Ashley has shown how grateful he is for bringing Tillie into their life, and Ashley Glazebrook and Liam Durbidge are proud to be her dads.

The comment section is also flooded with congratulation, well-wishes, and positive comments. The couple has not revealed further details yet, but we will continue to hear excellent and heart-warming news from them again for sure!

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Ashley Glazebrook Net Worth 2024

Ashley seems a little secretive regarding their personal information, like their net worth, as the dancer has yet to share the exact amount while writing this article.

According to various sources, Ashley’s estimated net worth is over $3 million as of 2024. 

Ashley goes by the handle @ashleytwistglazebrook on his Instagram and has over 72k followers when writing this article. He looks pretty active there, as he keeps his profile updated.

Ashley Glazebrook Relationship
Ashley Glazebrook enjoying his vacation with his partner. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Ashley has over 200 posts at the time of writing this article, and recently, he mostly posts about their baby showing how much they love her.

Besides that, Ashley also shares reels of his dance videos, pictures with their boyfriend, and them enjoying their vacations, among other images there, with their fans.

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