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Ashley McCoy Death: Suspect Elizabeth Ashe Accused Of Accidentally Killing A Woman

Ashley McCoy death has been a top discussed topic; it is reported that 24 years of woman has been arrested following her death. 

According to the Police, McCoy was shot and killed on Saturday in the 1000 block of Mineola Drive. The incident occurred on February 11 but was not reported until two days later, when the investigation began.

Further details about the shooting and the motives have not been provided. But the suspect has been arrested and is in custody following the charges of murder. 

The news has taken interest worldwide, and people have been following the news since the incident took place. 

The neighbor was shocked to hear the news; many have been afraid since the communication was out. People have been sending prayers and condolence to the family of the victim. 

Read further to learn about the recent case update, and share your thoughts. 

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Ashley McCoy Death on Mineola Drive in Virginia Beach

Ashley McCoy got shot on Mineola Drive in Virginia Beach, and Police immediately reported the shooting by the neighbor. 

Neighbor Bree Smith expressed her surprise and shock about the shooting, stating that the neighborhood is mostly quiet.

Smith indicated that she is familiar with the occupants of the apartment unit and believes it to be McCopy, who was always friendly towards her and her children.

Further, Smith stated that they have never caused any issues, making the shooting incident a big surprise.

Virginia Beach Police investigation deadly shooting on Mineola Drive.
Virginia Beach Police are investigating a deadly shooting on Mineola Drive. (Image Source: 13 News Now)

Along with Smith, many people from the neighborhood were shocked to hear the news and were scared to send their children out. 

On Saturday morning, forensic teams searched for evidence while detectives interviewed residents. 

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Suspect Elizabeth Ashe Accused Of Accidentally Killing A Woman

On February 14, 2023, Police declared that they had apprehended a 24-year-old woman in connection with the shooting of McCoy. 

The suspect was later detected as Elizabeth Ashe, 24, who was transgender. She was charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

They released that no other suspects were being pursued concerning the incident. An investigation continued after she was charged and arrested by Virginia Beach Police Department. 

Elizabeth Ashe, 24, of Virginia Beach and charged her with involuntary manslaughter.
Elizabeth Ashe, 24, of Virginia Beach, charged her with involuntary manslaughter. (Image Source: WAVY.com)

Later according to the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office online database, Ashe was identified as William Ashe and has got charged with discharging a firearm within or at an occupied dwelling.

Although online court records for the charge of discharging a firearm at an occupied dwelling indicate that William Ashe is the defendant’s name, the alias “Elizabeth” also appears in the records.

It has been revealed that s charged with discharging a firearm under a different name. 

She might be sentenced to almost 20 years of jail or lifetime prison. The audience has been early waiting for the motive for killing a 26-year-old woman.

Per the Police report, Elizabeth has no connection with the victim; they never met before she shot her. 

According to the previous criminal report, Police believe that she might be involved in the murder as well. 

There have been no further updates regarding the individual who committed a crime under a different name, as confirmed by their online court documents.

It is possible that the case is still under investigation or that some legal proceedings have not yet been made public.  

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