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Love Is Blind: Meet The 33-Year-Old Attorney Anthony LaScalea, Wikipedia Family And Net Worth

Anthony LaScalea is one of the contestants in Love is Blind season 3, and he has gained many fans after the introduction video on Youtube. 

Anthony LaScalea has appeared in a show to find a perfect match; he has a bold personality and looks. 

Love is Blind has always been on top; everyone has loved the show and has many fans. So, people are curious to know more about the cast. 

People have loved the show from season 1 and season 2; they have eagerly awaited season 3 to see more fun in the front. 

Love Is Blind: Meet The 35 Year Old Attorney Anthony LaScalea: Wikipedia

Anthony is 35 years old male who has appeared in a show; everyone loved his personality and looks. He has maintained his body like a model, and he will probably have more female fans after the show. 

Anthony LaScalea does not have his personal Wikipedia yet; hopefully, after the show, Wikipedia will cover up his information. Wiki has not covered information about any of the cast from season 3. 

LaScalea is currently a senior associate attorney at FS&S in Dallas, Texas.

He has three degrees altogether, a finance degree which he has done from Auburn University, Harbert College of Business, and a law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

He has also completed his Master’s in fine Art from Southern Methodist University.

Anthony is a multi-talented guy who will probably attract many girls from the show. He is usually active in many sports and has posted pictures of baseball and basketball on his Instagram. 

He played college basketball when he was in high school, and he never stopped playing basketball. He has been seen with his Father in a field. 

Anthony LaScalea Instagram post with his Father
Anthony LaScalea Instagram post with his Father. Image Source: Instagram

Anthony is almost 6 feet tall, around 75kg, and has maintained his body. He has black hair, light brown eyes, and a good voice.

If you want to know more about Anthony LaScalea, you can watch Love is Blind season three, whose primer was on October 19, 2022.

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Anthony LaScalea Family 

Anthony often shares pictures with his Father, but he has not shared photos of him with his mother on his official Instagram account. He mentioned that his Father is his role model and has always supported him with his career path.

Although he shares pictures of his family on his Instagram account, he has not shared much information about them. Hopefully, he will share more of them in the show.

He has a close relationship with his sister Christiana and has shared many pictures of her on his Instagram. Both of them have been supporting each other in their bad times and good times.

Anthony LaScalea and his Sister
Anthony LaScalea and his Sister. Image Source: Instagram

His official Instagram account goes by @lascalea. You can have more updates about him through his Instagram account.

Anthony LaScalea Net Worth In 2024

According to the Sources, his net worth is between $100K- $ 1 million. Before coming to the show, he was a senior associate attorney, so his source of income was from his job. 

He might have other sources like business and investments, which he has not shared with the public yet. So, the amount mentioned is just from the data he has shared till now; he might have more net worth than mentioned. 

So, if he wins the show, his net worth will increase, and he might get a new job opportunity. 

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