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Audrey Cunningham Parents: Who Is Her Mom Cassie & Dad Joshua?

Internet is buzzing with discussions regarding the parents of Audrey Cunningham after the eleven-year-old went missing on February 15th.

When 11-year-old Audrey Cunningham went missing on February 15, 2024, the tiny town of Livingston, Texas was left shocked.

It all began that dreadful morning when Audrey tried to catch her school bus and disappeared.

Since then, the lives of those closest to her have never been the same.

The backbone of it all is the parents of Audrey Cunningham, who have shown amazing courage and endurance amid very difficult circumstances.

This explains why people are looking for more information on the parents of Audrey Cunningham, among others.

Audrey Cunningham Parents: Mom, Cassie & Father, Joshua

The parents of Audrey Cunningham, Cassie Matthews and Joshua Cunningham found themselves in the public eye after their daughter went missing in a troubling way.

Cassie and Joshua were divorced before, and the father kept the custody of Audrey Joshua.

Joshua shared his accommodation with Audrey and other relatives in Livingston, while Cassie stayed somewhere else.

Even after a divorce, Joshua and Cassie continue to assume their parental roles.

Audrey Cunningham mom Cassie in the frame
Audrey Cunningham’s mother is Cassie Matthews. (Source:  dailymail)

But, now after she went missing, their home became the epicenter of a major police operation due to intrusive investigations and media scrutiny.

While Joshua has largely avoided the limelight, Cassie has become the general public’s face of this tragedy.

The young lady has proven to have a lot of poise and has been very determined in the face of a big tragedy.

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Meet Audrey Mother Cassie Matthews: Who Is She?

Her mother, Cassie Matthews, is on the front line in the search for Audrey.

Since her daughter first disappeared, Cassie has shown inspiring courage and impressive strength of character. She was the first one who called up the authorities.

Since then, Cassie has been relentless in the search for justice and to have all the facts.

Despite the unbearable pain of not knowing where her daughter is, Cassie has managed to be strong and calm.

She has been a permanent face in the police press conferences making public appeals and keeping her daughter’s story in the news.

Along with Cassie, volunteers coordinated search efforts, distributed flyers, and activated the community.

Audrey’s case got state and national attention due to her actions. When progress stagnated and lead dried up, Cassie never quit.

Moreover, she found deep reserves of strength to keep up the struggle when others might have given up.

Audrey Cunningham smiling for a camera
Audrey Cunningham’s real name is Audrii Cunningham. (Source: dailymail)

Cassie also had to go through public scrutiny of her relatives and their links.

Audrey’s father’s acquaintance with a person of interest aroused uncomfortable guessing. However, Cassie has met the situation with dignity and poise.

In Cassie Matthews, Audrey Cunningham found another extraordinary character speaking out for her.

As a mother, her love and faith shine the path out of darkness. She still actively seeks the truth about what has happened to her daughter.

Cassie’s courage and resilience provide a strong message of hope. She is an example for those parents who find themselves in the same unthinkable situations.

Her undying spirit symbolizes the fact that the maternal-child bond can never be broken, no matter the conditions.

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