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Audrey Hale Parents: Father and Mother of Nashville Shooter

The Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale has left her parents confused with her actions. She is not here today to answer them or the victims, but netizens believe the strict Christian upbringing did not help her situation.

Audrey Hale was a 28-year-old female who was in the headlines for a very hideous mass shooting.

The mass shooting took place in Nashville city on March 23, 2023. Audrey shot fire in a local school, where she ended up killing a total of six people.

Among those six people were three nine-year-olds and staff members.

After the incident, Audrey was immediately shot to death by the police in an encounter.

Netizens began enquiring what led her to commit such a crime, eventually revealing a tough relationship between Audrey Hale and her parents. 

Parents Of Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale: Challenging Choices & Identity Struggles

The parents of Audrey Hale are Norma Fort Hale and Ronald Hale.

Norma and Ronald were very strict Christian parents, and they brought up Audrey Hale in a very conservative household.

Having Christian parents, Audrey was always very cautious about her actions.

However, there were things that Audrey could not stop, and one of them was her struggle with her gender identity.

Audrey Hale parents
The parents of Audrey Hale still do not know how to answer the victims or the society. (Source: Twitter)

Audrey was discovering that she did not want to identify as a woman or a female anymore.

She wanted to transition as a male, and with much resistance and tough decision-making, she did it.

After her transition, she switched her name from Audrey to Aiden and wanted everyone to use the he/him pronoun to address her.

But as their strict Christian parents, Norma and Ronald Hale refused to use those pronouncements for Audrey.

Audrey hale family
The brother of Audrey Hale has not spoken up about the incident. (Source: Twitter)

We do not know if this was also among her reasons for committing the crime, but netizens speculate that her parent’s disapproval greatly affected Audrey.

The school where she shot those three kids and staff members was the same one that she went to when he was young.

After investigation, it was found that Audrey had been drawing school maps, which suggests that it was not a rash decision.

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Audrey Hale’s Parents In Shock & Confusion Amidst Tragedy

The shocking event has left Audrey’s parents in disbelief and extreme confusion.

Audrey’s mother, Norma, has requested the people and the media for privacy.

There have also been revelations that Audrey was diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

Norma and Ronald have a son, and they say that Audrey and her brother had a very normal childhood while growing up.

Audrey Hale shooting
The growing school shooting in America is just sad, says Audrey’s mother. (Source: Twitter)

The parents of Audrey Hale, Norma, and Ronald say that they had no idea that their daughter held those weapons.

Actually, many locals recognize Norma as the lady who signed petitions for gun control in 2018 and 2019.

She was strongly advocating for keeping guns away from school during those years.

It is sadly very ironic of the current situation that Audrey has created for them.

Let’s hope and pray that the victim’s family is at peace and coping well.

Many think that it is quite sad for Audrey’s parents as well to have their daughter done such a crime and to also lose her in a blink.

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