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Audrii Cunningham Father Joshua Cunningham On Daughter Case

After the disappearance news of Audrii Cunningham and the subsequent discovery of her body, speculations have arisen about the suspect, who happens to be close to her father, leading netizens to question his perspective on the case.

Audrii Cunningham is an 11-year-old girl who went missing from Livingston, Texas, on February 15, 2024.

However, on February 20 she was found deceased from the Trinity River near National Highway 59.

The police have got Don Steven McDougal, a 42-year-old man, charged with capital murder about her death.

Additionally, McDougal, the suspect, is one of the closest friends of Audrii’s father, Joshua Cunningham.

McDougal revealed Audrii’s whereabouts by presenting a list of the places he had visited, concluding a detailed investigation.

Consequently, netizens are curious to hear the perspective of Audrii Cunningham father on his daughter’s case.

Audrii Cunningham Father Joshua Cunningham Talks On Daughter Case: What Does Public Have To Say?

After Audrii Cunningham death and the suspect’s identification, people are eager to hear her father’s take on the case.

Let’s read Audrii Cunningham father, Joshua Cunningham’s, thoughts on his daughter’s case.

Regrettably, Audrii Cunningham father has refrained from discussing the case publicly and has chosen to stay out of the limelight.

Audrii Cunningham body found news
Audrii went missing on her way to school. (Source: Twitter)

However, in a pre-discovery interview, Chris Boothe, a close friend of Audrii’s family, spoke on their behalf,

Let them deal with this. I realize that everybody’s talking a bunch of stuff on Facebook and stuff like that, but I’m going to ask that if you don’t know anything, don’t say anything. All you’re doing is hurting the family. You don’t know what they’re doing through, you don’t know the circumstances……

However, following the discovery of Audrii’s body, no family members have spoken about the matter.

Moreover, the public blames Audrii’s family for the case, given McDougal’s criminal history and their decision to leave a little girl in his care.

A tweet states, “Lord take care of this little Angel who never asked to be born to horrible parents ! There should be at least 1 good parent per child~ It’s a mothers job to keep them safe”

Don Steven McDougal
Don Steven McDougal has a long criminal history. (Source: Twitter)

McDougal’s two jail terms and a prior child-related conviction have sparked various rumors and theories on social media.

However, in the initial statement, DA Shelly Sitton indicated the possibility of capital murder charges for his involvement in the 11-year-old’s death.

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Who Are Audrii Cunningham Parents Joshua And Cassie Cunningham?

Given such a tragic incident, netizens are keen to learn more about the Audrii Cunningham father and mother.

Limited information about Audrii’s parents has been disclosed, with only their names, Joshua and Cassie Cunningham, for privacy reasons.

However, Joshua has already been awarded custody as the couple finalized their divorce.

Audrii's mother
Audrii Cunningham father has not yet shared his perspective on the media or internet. (Source: Daily Mail)

As a result, Audrii lived with her father and grandmother, while her mother resided elsewhere.

Moreover, a close family friend affirms that the family loved and took excellent care of Audrii.

Since the incident occurred, Audrii’s mother has taken an active role in the media, while her father has remained out of the spotlight.

She regularly attends police briefings, making appeals and ensuring her daughter’s story stays in the news.

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