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Austin Cowburn Weight Loss Before And After: How Did Former Runner Lose 54 Pounds In 6 Months?

Austin Cowburn weight loss: after gaining a lot of weight and feeling sluggish, the former runner shredded 54 pounds within six months. Here is how he achieved his goal.

You must have heard the quote, “our goal should not be to become better than other people but our previous selves.” Setting goal is easier and more common. However, only a few people accomplish it. Austin Cowburn is one of them.

Austin Cowburn is a runner and marathoner. With his constant hard work and dedication, the former marathoner shredded 54 pounds within six months.

Everyone is shocked by his achievement. More importantly, he has become a role model for those who want to lose weight. So, in today’s article, let’s find out how the runner achieved his goal and his diet and workout plan in detail.

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Austin Cowburn Weight Loss Before And After; The Former Runner Lose 54 Pounds In 6 Months?

Running has always been Austin Cowburn’s go-to exercise. As a result, he was involved in several running clubs and did well in the 1995 New York Marathon.

Austin Cowburn weight loss
Austin Cowburn before and after weight loss. (Source: Instagram)

He spent weeknights and Saturday mornings in a swimming pool or on the track. While talking with¬†Men’s Health, the runner said that cardio is familiar to him, but as he grew up, he stuck with that.

Looking back, he realized there was a lack of understanding and technique to benefit from weight training.

After a few years, Austin was in directionless training and a poor diet. He even had two injuries and rehab, resulting in a lot of weight. Those inflamed other niggling injuries, making him feel like he wasn’t in his best shape.

As he felt sluggish, his favorite cloth didn’t fit. On top of that, Cowburn wanted to get back into a marathon. However, his then-self was far from the eligibility criteria of a marathon runner.

He needed to be much fitter, stronger, and healthier. Thus, he contacted Ultimate Performance personal trainers in Manchester and started with basic stuff like monitoring and being consistent with his diet.

For six months, the marathoner stuck with the plan and guidance of his trainer and built his best self.

Austin Cowburn Diet Plan

As for his diet, Austin Cowburn would enjoy a berry smoothie in the morning with protein. In the mid-morning, he ate three scrambled eggs with spinach.

For mid-afternoon and evening, he would eat lean-meat chili – especially turkey mince and different kinds of vegetables and rice. The vegetable included peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Moreover, he enjoyed full pleasure while eating a low-fat, high-protein yogurt mixed with banana, honey, or some chia seeds in the evening. He also ate a nice steak every weekend.

The runner said our diet has the biggest impact on mood, energy levels, and ability to train hard and get the best from yourself. He added, “changing what I ate reminded me of the importance of a foundational diet.”

Austin Cowburn weight loss
Austin Cowburn after shedding-off 54 pounds. (Source: Instagram)

Austin Cowburn Workout Plan

Austin Cowburn’s new self results from a balanced diet and planned training. He usually worked out thrice weekly in the gym from 8 am to 9 pm.

His morning training set him up for the day, and he loved getting it done first thing in the morning. Apart from working out thrice a week, Austin also ran four times a week, which brought his love back for running.

Eventually, his distances increased with no injuries, and there wasn’t any pain after working out and running. Austin said his fluidity of motion while training, losing weight, and fueling his body correctly.

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