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Author: Mareike Awe Alter Wikipedia Bio And Partner

What is Mareike Awe alter(age)? She is a distinguished figure, celebrated on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

As reflected in her LinkedIn profile, she is a medical professional, CEO, and founder, showcasing a multifaceted career.

Dr. Awe is a passionate advocate for intuitive eating, a philosophy she actively promotes through online seminars, aiming to guide individuals toward holistic well-being without resorting to restrictive diets.

Her YouTube channel is a valuable resource, sharing insightful content from her extensive medical expertise.

Beyond her medical pursuits, Dr. Mareike Awe has made significant strides in entrepreneurship, achieving an impressive eight-figure turnover.

Her accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her inclusion in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list.

With a commitment to health advocacy and entrepreneurial success, Dr. Awe continues to inspire and impact the lives of many through her diverse and impactful contributions.

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Author: Mareike Awe Alter Wikipedia Bio

Mareike Awe, born on December 29, 1992, is a distinguished individual who has made notable contributions in the fields of medicine and entrepreneurship.

At the age of 31, she stands as a dynamic force, showcasing a remarkable journey that has earned her recognition and acclaim.

Dr. med. Mareike Awe, with a background in medicine, has not only established herself as a medical professional but has also ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, earning her the titles of CEO and founder.

Delving into her professional pursuits, Mareike Awe has gained widespread recognition on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Mareike Awe alter
Mareike Awe having a good time in Ko Pha-ngan. (Image Source: Instagram)

Her commitment to promoting intuitive eating as a path to personal well-being is evident through the online seminars she conducts.

Additionally, her YouTube channel is a platform where she shares her valuable medical insights, further establishing her as an influential figure in health and wellness.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Mareike Awe, at the age of 31, has achieved significant success in the business world, attaining an impressive eight-figure turnover.

This success has not gone unnoticed; she has been honored with a coveted spot in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Mareike Awe’s journey at 31 is a testament to her versatility, impact, and commitment to making a positive difference in both the medical and entrepreneurial spheres.

Author: Mareike Awe Partner

Mareike Awe’s professional journey extends beyond her expertise in medicine and nutritional health, as she shares a significant chapter of her life with her partner, Marc Reinbach.

Together, they co-founded “intuMIND GmbH” in August 2015, a venture dedicated to enhancing people’s well-being.

Beyond their professional collaboration, Mareike and Marc openly invite their audience into their personal lives, discussing the dynamics of their relationship.

They offer valuable tips for a harmonious partnership and provide insights into their love life through engaging Q&A sessions.

In their joint efforts, Mareike and Marc have not only built a successful business.

Mareike Awe alter
Mareike Awe with her partner having a good time in Ko Pha-ngan. (Image Source: Instagram)

However, Mareike collaborated on creating the online course “Intueat,” focusing on the principles of mindful eating.

This power couple’s commitment to both their professional and personal lives is evident.

Mareike even shared the exciting news of her impending marriage to her co-founder in a heartfelt LinkedIn post.

Marion Awe and Marc Reinbach’s intertwined journey reflects not only their professional synergy.

But also their dedication to fostering positive connections and well-being in their work and personal lives.

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