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Ayo Edebiri Baby: Is The Comedian Pregnant? Baby Bump Rumor

Ayo Edebiri caused quite a stir of baby bump rumors with her appearance at the SAG Awards 2023. Are the rumors true, though? Let’s find out!

Ayo Edebiri is an American comedian with active involvement as a writer, producer, actress, and even a voice actress.

She also co-hosts the podcast Iconography and appeared on Comedy Central’s Up Next.

Edebiri is mainly known for the roles she played in The Bear and Abbott Elementary, as well as the voice of Missy in Big Mouth.

Recently, though, she has also provided a voice in major Hollywood Blockbusters.

One is Across the Spider-Verse, and the other is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Her career trajectory is rising, with a breakthrough in 2024. She is all set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the movie titled Thunderbolts.

However, fans have caught the attention of something other than her movies. People are waiting to know if the baby of Ayo Edebiri is on the way.

Ayo Edebiri Baby: Is The Comedian Pregnant?

A baby bump rumor circulating has created doubts in the minds of fans.

However, Ayo Edebiri is currently not pregnant, as there is no verified news from her side regarding the same.

Further, Ayo Edebiri has never publicly clarified her relationship status or pregnancy.

Ayo Edebiri baby bump not visible in this attire as it is rumors.
She has performed at prestigious comedy festivals such as Just for Laughs. (Source: Instagram)

Although she is a comedian, she has repeatedly joked about her relationship in her social media posts.

Ayo Edebiri has, however, tweeted some very peculiar posts inciting rumors of her having a boyfriend.

Although, these have never truly materialized into a public relationship.

Further, Ayo Edebiri commits to the Marvel project, which will begin filming in late 2023. This also shows that she will not have a baby any time soon.

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Baby Bump Rumor Surrounding Ayo Edebiri

Initially, the baby bump rumors of Ayo Edebiri started from her post on Instagram.

Ayo Edebiri, on February 2023, posted a photo of her attending the SAG AFTRA for her involvement in The Bear.

In this post, she seemed to be resting her arm on her stomach, making it look like she was hinting at a baby bump.

Ayo Edebiri smiling and resting her hand on her stomach for a picture.
Ayo Edebiri is a talented improviser and singer. (Source: Instagram)

Fans were quick to jump on her comments section, questioning and raising curiosity about the possibility of a baby bump.

Some even humorously commented “Baby Bear” since she was attending the event for The Bear.

However, Ayo Edebiri never publicly commented about the baby bump any further.

With that and also with her subsequent posts, this baby bump rumor of Ayo Edebiri quickly died.

Fans were left slightly disheartened by this, as some fans were anticipating an announcement from Ayo Edebiri.

However, this is not to say that the future does not hold a baby or a relationship for Ayo Edebiri.

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Ayo Edebiri Is Identified As A Queer?

Recently, the rumors of her relationship and pregnancy have been trending due to her role in the comedy series Bottoms.

In this series, Ayo Edebiri plays the role of a member of LGBTQI+. Further, she has also openly spoken in support of the LGBTQI+ community.

Due to this, even her Wikipedia page has stated that Ayo Edebiri identifies as queer.

Ayo Edebiri taking a picture in a white dress.
Ayo Edebiri has featured her writing in various publications such as The New Yorker. (Source: Instagram)

Even Edebiri has not given any clarity from her side regarding this.

Further, in her interview with Refinery29, she stated that she felt happy and proud to be doing a role of a queer person.

She also went on to praise the director’s vision on this. The director Emma Seligman identifies as queer herself.

This indicated that Ayo Edebiri is rather vocally supportive of the queer community. This is justified by her role in the series and her support.

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