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What Is Baby Olivia Video? Trend On Social Media Explained

A three-minute Video of Baby Olivia is circulating all around the internet. It has made itself a topic of debate in state abortion politics recently, but why is it trending? Let us find out.

Human life and abortion have always been a debatable topic, and the video of baby Olivia has heated the conversation even more.

The Baby Olivia Video is a three-minute video showing the development of a baby in the mother’s womb.

Furthermore, the Live Action organization conceptualized, created, edited, and produced the video.

Shortly afterward, they presented the video on their official page; it went viral and was trending on most social media sites.

Public and private schools are making the Baby Olivia video mandatory in their academic curriculum.

What Is Baby Olivia Video About? More detail on the video

The viral video of a fetus that develops over the pregnancy period is beautifully presented in the video.

Nevertheless, the viral Baby Olivia in the video is not the actual baby, as some might think.

The fetus in the video is animated, and the character Baby Olivia helps the viewer visualize development in the mother’s womb.

Baby Olivia in mothers womb.
Baby Olivia was conceptualized by Founder Lila Rose. (Source: Live Action)

In the first second of the video, a voiceover introduces Baby Olivia and adds necessary explanations throughout the video.

Baby Olivia appears to be similar to a new baby in the fetus, with hands and leg movements and it’s eyes and mouth open and closed, making it even more realistic.

The voiceover says,

Though she has yet to greet the outside world, she has already completed an amazing journey.

The video starts with a sperm fertilizing and implanting the egg in the mother’s womb.

Baby Olivia in more human life form.
Live action made the baby Olivia video after consulting with doctors. ( Source: Live Action)

Moving forward, the voiceover walks through the fatal development throughout the video.

However, fetus development was not pleasing to watch with blood all over in real video.

Additionally, an actual video could be too much for many; the Baby Olivia video is different.

The video is animated beautifully and is pleasing to watch. Even the voiceover is soothing.

Furthermore, students in their formative years can learn much from it.

Nevertheless, the video has created a buzz in abortion politics in many states as well.

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Abortion Politics and Trend On Social Media Explained!

The debate began when public and private schools in different states like Missouri, West Virginia, and Kentucky made the video mandatory in the curriculum.

Following that, the Baby Olivia video went viral on all social media platforms.

Moreover, Live Action is an organization that opposes abortion. The organization said,

exists today to shift public opinion on abortion and is dedicated to supporting a culture of life.

Baby Olivia in final stage of development.
The Baby in Baby Olivia Video is not real but created by AI.  (Source: Live Action)

Nonetheless, the supporters of abortion have criticized the video with multiple points, including the technical terms used in the video.

Live Action made the video in 2022 with a budget of $5 million, but they soon recouped quadrupled cash of almost $14 million through grants as an appreciation of their video.

Nevertheless, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said,

 designed to manipulate the emotions of viewers.

Physicians have also said the video presents wrong information about the heartbeat of the baby.

But there are supporters of the videos as well, who believe showing fetal development in a three-minute video can make young children curious about the beginning of human life.

A representative named Luana Stoltenberg said,

What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe a young child learns how they are developed and grow and so if they become pregnant, they decide maybe I don’t want an abortion? Is that a horrible thing?

Nonetheless, this video is an educational video that can make a substantial positive impact on society but could also set a wrong narrative for abortion.

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