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Barbara Furlow Smiles Wikipedia, Salary: Facebook Lead strategist

The conviction of Barbara Furlow Smiles for stealing more than $4 million from Facebook has led many curious people to search for her Wikipedia page to learn more about her.

Barbara Furlow Smiles served as a former global diversity executive at Facebook.

She was a Lead Strategist at Facebook, which involves working closely with product teams to develop strategies to help the company reach its goals. 

Barbara Furlow Smiles was also responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Facebook team, including budgets, staff, and resources.

In addition, she provides advice and guidance to the team on optimizing their efforts and meeting their goals.

She was an essential part of the team that helped Facebook become a global leader in the tech industry.

Moreover, Barbara has complete experience in product strategy and development and has a strong understanding of the Facebook platform.

However, recently, due to her fraudulent invoice to Facebook, people have searched for the Wikipedia page of Barbara Furlow Smiles.

Barbara Furlow Smiles Wikipedia: Pleads Guilty For Stealing 

Despite being the global diversity executive at Facebook, Barbara Furlow Smiles stole millions of dollars from the company.

Barbara Furlow Smiles was engaged in several online fraud activities.

She was particularly notorious for her activities on the popular social media platform.

Furthermore, she used the platform to commit a variety of crimes, such as identity theft, phishing scams, and credit card fraud.

However, in July 2019, the FBI arrested Barbara Furlow Smiles on multiple charges of cybercrime.

Barbara Furlow Smiles
Barbara Furlow promoted her own business.

According to the FBI, she managed to steal personal information from thousands of Facebook users, including credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information.

Meanwhile, she managed to access Facebook accounts belonging to victims, where she posted malicious content and spread malware.

In addition, authorities accused Barbara Furlow Smiles of using victims’ accounts to promote her own business, which was a fake online store.

She would also promote her store by posting ads on Facebook, leading victims to buy her products.

Due to her illegal activities, many people want to know about Barbara Furlow Smiles, which leads them to search on Wikipedia and other sites.

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Barbara Furlow Smiles’s Salary And Her Position In The Company

Barbara Furlow Smiles is Facebook’s lead strategist with a track record of success in her field.

Hence, her expertise and experience add to her salary, which she has not revealed yet.

Meanwhile, Barbara Furlow Smiles has impressive accomplishments that have earned her recognition as one of the top strategists in the industry.

Her ability to uncover and express the strategies for success was unparalleled. 

Nevertheless, her dedication to work and commitment made her a valuable asset to any team she was part of.

Barbara Furlow with Mark Zuckerberg
Barbara steals information from Facebook users. (source: Instagram)

Surprisingly, Barbara Furlow Smiles pleaded guilty to stealing millions of dollars.

Her greed led her to engage in fraudulent activity, which later became the main reason for the FBI to arrest her.

During the court session, she said she cheated and defrauded millions of dollars from the company.

Subsequently, Barbara Furlow’s Smiles activities on Facebook were particularly damaging to the financial condition of the victims.

Meanwhile, her total damage amount is estimated to be $50000.

Thus, she received a five-year federal prison sentence due to the gravity of her crimes.

Furthermore, the court ordered her to pay restitution to her victims and prohibited her from accessing the Internet.

Nonetheless, this case prompted people to search for a Wikipedia page dedicated to Barbara Furlow Smiles, though one does not currently exist.

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