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17 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses!!

Today, the Korean entertainment business not only provides wholesome entertainment to audiences in Korea but also across the world.

With the most attractive Korean actresses, the country is setting the scene for beauty perception.

South Korean beauty queens never fail to draw admiration for their beautiful features and perfect skin. Furthermore, their outstanding talent, pleasant attitude, and charisma are difficult to overlook.

So, we’ve put arranged a list of the top 17  most Beautiful Korean Actresses in May, 2024.

This ranking is the result of a poll held in 2021 by the famous website King Choice.

Here’s the list of the 17  Most Beautiful Korean Actresses.

Quick Overview

Rank Name Age
17. Song Hye Kyo 40
16. Kim Ji Won 29
15. Park Min Young 35
14. Nam Ji Hyun 26
13. IU 28
12. Han Hyo Joo 34
11. Kim Yoo Jung 22
10. Son Ye Jin 40
9. Bae Suzy 26
8. Kim So Hyun 22
7. Park Shin Hye 31
6. Kim Go Eun 30
5. Jeon So Min 35
4. Kim Hyung Joo 44
3. Song Ji Hyo 40
2. Seo Ye Ji 31
1. Go Ara 31

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses

All of the information and details are gathered from reliable sources such as kingchoice and koreaboo.com.

17. Song Hye-kyo

Age: 40 years old

Song Hye-kyo is the 17th most beautiful Korean actress on our list. She was born on 22nd November 1981.

Her debut in the South Korean television drama “Autumn in My Heart” (2000) catapulted her to stardom.

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo (Source: Tatler)

After that, she starred in several famous television shows and films, including “Full House” (2004), “My Girl and I“(2005), and “Worlds Within” (2008).

Similarly, the 2016 television series “Descendants of the Sun” is regarded as the most popular among others.

It became immensely popular not just in South Korea but around the world.

Thus, Song Hye-kyo was named the 7th most powerful Korean celebrity by Forbes magazine in 2017. Likewise, in 2018, she was rated 6th.

16. Kim Ji-won

Age: 29 years old

Kim Ji-won, a well-known South Korean actress, was born on 19th October 1992. Ji-won ranks 16th on our list of the most beautiful Korean actresses.

She made her acting debut with the 2008 series ” Mrs. Saigon.” Following that, she rose to prominence due to her roles in television shows like “The Heirs” (2013) and “Descendants of the Sun” (2016), among others.

Moreover, she worked on “Fight for My Way,” a 2017 romantic comedy-drama in which she played the lead for the first time.

Therefore, this drama was a great hit, and she was honored with the “Excellence Award” for her performance.

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15. Park Min-young

Age: 35 years old

The 15th most beautiful Korean actress is Park Min-young. She was born on 4th March 1986.

She began her acting career in the 2006 Television series “Unstoppable High Kick.”

However, she came to prominence after starring in the historical coming-of-age drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in 2010. Thus,  she hasn’t turned back since then.

Park Min Young
Park Min Young (Source: Allkpop)

Similarly, with the 2015 Chinese series”Braveness of the Ming,” she had her first foreign debut, which helped her to gain even more popularity.

Therefore, Min-young’s fame grew due to her most successful 2018 romantic comedy-drama, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,” with Park Seo-joon.

14. Nam Ji-hyun

Age: 26 years old

Transitioned successfully from one of the industry’s top child artists to a recognized main actor,  Nam Ji-hyun is ranked the 14th most attractive actress in South Korea.

She began her career with the television series “Say You Love Me,” which premiered in 2004.

In 2016, she starred in the romantic comedy “Shopaholic Louis,” which was her first lead drama.

Similarly, for her role in  “Suspicious Partner,” she received an Excellence Award in 2017 for Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama category.

Moreover, She co-starred with Exo’s D.O. in the commercially successful historical romance drama “100 Days My Prince” in 2018.

Most recently, Ji-hyun was seen in the 2021 mini-series “The Witcher’s Diner.”

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13. IU

Age: 28 years old

Lee Ji-Eun, a South Korean actress, songwriter, and singer, is popularly known by her stage name IU.

She was born on 16th May 1993.

With her debut album Lost and Found, she began her music career at the age of fifteen. Similarly, IU has earned almost 200 nominations since her debut in 2008, winning more than 90 of them.

IU Most Beautiful Korean Actress (Source: AllKpop)

Moreover, she has appeared in several popular television series in addition to singing. In 2011, IU made her acting debut in the drama “Dream High.

Among all, “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” from 2016 is my particular favorite. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, then, well, you really should.

12. Han Hyo-joo

Age: 34 years old

Well recognized for her starring parts in drama shows on television, Han Hyo-joo was born on 22nd February 1987.

In 2005, Han made her television debut in the sitcom “Nonstop 5.”

Similarly, she also starred in the Japanese film “Miracle” in 2014, which helped her to expand her worldwide fan base.

Also, “Treadstone,” an American television series, revealed Han as a key cast member in 2019. In addition, later this year, Han will star in the apocalyptic thriller drama “Happiness.”

Therefore, Han Hyo-joo is in 12th position on our list of the most beautiful Korean Actresses.

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11. Kim Yoo-jung

Age: 22 years old

Kim Yoo-jung has progressed from a child artist to a young celebrity in the business. At the age of four, she made her acting debut in the 2004 film “DMZ.”

With the drama “Love in the Moonlight,” Kim made her first leading role in 2016.

Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung(Source: Xenews.net)

And, with a high viewership rating of 23.3%, this drama was a massive hit. Moreover, Kim starred in the Netflix mystery thriller “The 8th Night” in 2021.

Therefore, Kim Yoo-jun ranks 11th on our list of the most beautiful Korean actresses.

10. Son Ye-jin

Age: 40 years old

Son Ye-jin is a South Korean actress who has appeared in several films and television shows and has risen to prominence in South Korea, China, and Japan.

In 2000, she made her acting debut in the film “Secret Tears.”

Similarly, after her film, “Chi-Hwa-Seon,” was exhibited at the Cannes Film Festival, she achieved international recognition.

She also starred in the worldwide smash romantic drama “Crash Landing on You” in 2019.

Therefore, in 2022, Son is set to make her Hollywood debut in the film “The Cross.”

9. Bae Suzy

Age: 26 years old

In the 9th position of the most beautiful Korean actresses list, we have Bae Suzy. She was born on 10th October 1994.

Suzy was a member of the well-known Korean female singing group “Miss A” before shifting into acting.

Similarly, she began her acting career in 2011 with the television show “Dream High.”

Beautiful Korean Actresses Bae Suzy
Bae Suzy Most Beautiful Korean Actress(Source: Famous People)

And, her acting effort also earned her the title of Best New Actress for the movie “Architecture 101” released in 2012.

Bae has become increasingly busy as an actor in recent years, appearing in numerous television programs.

So, she was cast as an aspiring entrepreneur in the 2020 drama “Startup.” The drama was a big hit, which gained her worldwide recognition.

8. Kim So-hyun

Age: 22 years old

Kim So-hyun, a successful and talented South Korean actress, was born on 4th July 1999. So-hyun ranks 8th on our list of the most beautiful Korean actresses.

Hyun literally grew up in front of the camera. At the age of seven, she made her acting debut in the renowned television series “Drama City.”

Likewise, she primarily played second leads and lesser parts during her teenage.

However,  she made her debut appearance as the major character with the “Who Are You: School 2015” teen drama.

Moreover, she has appeared in over 50 films, concerts, television series, and music videos since she began her career.

7. Park Shin-hye

Age: 31 years old

Park Shin-hye was born on 18th February 1990. She is a South Korean model, dancer, singer, and actor.

She made her debut in the film “Evil Twin” in 2007.

Likewise,  she garnered great acclaim for her portrayal in the 2006 film “Tree of Heaven.

Beautiful Korean Actresses Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye(Source: Kpopmap)

Furthermore, “The Heirs,” her most successful drama, was an international smash in 2013. Broadcast rights to the show were sold in 13 countries.

Similarly, she received several awards as a result of the popularity of the show, including 2 Drama Fever Awards, among others.

Therefore, Park Shin-hye is the 7th most beautiful Korean actress.

6. Kim Go-eun

Age: 30 years  old

Kim Go-eun, a well-known South Korean actress and model, was born on 2nd July 1991.

She made her acting debut with the 2012 film”A Muse,” for which she was honored with the Best Actress award.

Besides, she also sang the theme song for her TV show “The Cheese in the Trap.”

Likewise,  Kim Go-eun is now well-known worldwide for her part in the hit television series “Goblin.”

Go-eun is 30 years old and ranks 6th on our most beautiful Korean actresses list.

5. Jeon So-min

Age: 35 years old

Jeon So-min is a South Korean actress and reality star who is on the rise. She was born on 7th April 1986.

So-min made her acting debut in the sitcom series “Miracle” in 2004.

Beautiful Korean Actresses Jeon So Min
Jeon So Min (Source: International Business Times)

Likewise, in 2013, she got her big break when she landed the lead role in the television series “Princess Aurora.”

The same year, she won Best New Actress at the MBC Drama Awards.

Besides, from 2014 forward, she has appeared as a guest on several different variety shows.

As a result, she is currently a regular cast member of the famous variety program “Running Man” and “Sixth Sense.

4. Kim Hyun-joo

Age: 44 years old

Kim Hyun-joo was born on 24th April 1997, in South Korea. She began her acting career with the hit television series “The Reason I Live” in 1997.

Similarly, she is well-known for her appearances in films such as “Glass Slippers” (2002), “In Soon Is Pretty“(2007), and “Fantastic” (2016).

Also, she was most recently seen in the television series “Undercover” in 2021. With a global viewership of 5.2%, this series became a huge success.

Hyun-Joo is now 43 years old and ranks 4th on our list of most beautiful Korean actresses.

3. Song Ji-hyo

Age:40 years old

Cheon Soo-Yeon, better known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo, is a South Korean actress and model.

In 2002, Song Ji-hyo made her acting debut in the film “Age of Innocence.”

Beautiful Korean Actresses Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo (Source: OtakuKart)

Similarly, she is most known for her role in the 2008 historical picture “A Frozen Flower.” The movie went on to become one of the year’s highest-grossing pictures, and she grew in fame as a result.

Besides, since 2010, Song has been a regular cast member of the famous variety show “Running Man.

2. Seo Ye-Ji

Age: 31 years old

Seo Ye-Ji is a South Korean star who began her acting career in 2013 with the tv series “Potato Star 2013QR3“.  Ye-Ji is ranked 2nd on our list of the most beautiful Korean actresses.

Following her debut assignment, the actress steadily ascended the ranks of the cinema and television industries.

Furthermore, until “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” premiered in 2020, Seo was largely unknown worldwide.

The drama was a big hit, and she received even more international recognition as a result of it.

Therefore, eight years into her career, the actress has finally established herself as a household name.

1. Go Ara

Age: 31 years old

Go Ara is a well-known actress and model from South Korea and ranks at the top of our list of the most beautiful Korean Actresses.

In 2003, she made her acting debut as the female protagonist in the KBS teen drama “Sharp.” She also appeared in the sequel “Sharp 2“.

Beautiful Korean Actresses Go Ara most beutiful korean actress
Go Ara, Most Beautiful Korean Actress (Source: Allkpop)

Besides, she has also starred in Japanese television series and movies.

With the nostalgic university drama “Reply 1994” (2013), Go’s fame soared even more in 2013.

Some of her most popular television series and movies include “Heading to the Ground” (2009), “Dance Subaru” (2009), “Pacemaker” (2012),  “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth” (2016).



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