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Who Is Ben Westwood Wife Tomoka? Vivienne Westwood Son, Kids family And Net Worth

After the death of Ben Westwood and Vivienne Westwood on December 29, 2022, various questions have been raised about Ben Westwood’s wife and family.

Vivienne Westwood was a fashion designer and businesswoman responsible for bringing modern punk & new-wave fashions.

Westwood came into the limelight after she made clothes for the boutique that she & Malcolm McLaren ran, which became known as SEX.

She married her first husband, Derek Westwood, and she designed her wedding dress at her wedding. She shared a child with Derek Westwood, Ben Westwood.

So, Ben is the son of her first husband; she and Ben used to share a great relationship as he followed in his mother’s footsteps. 

There have been many questions following the death of fashion designer Vivienne, who died at 81. 

Who is Ben Westwood’s Wife, Tomoka? 

Ben Westwood has been married to beautiful Tomoka Westwood for more than ten years. 

Their marriage date and venus of where they got married have not been disclosed yet, they shared their vows with their loved ones, and it was a small ceremony.

Ben Westwood with his wife Tomoka Westwood.
Ben Westwood with his wife, Tomoka Westwood. (Image Source: Getty Images)

Currently, as she mentioned on her Instagram, Tomoka is studying naturopathy. She often shares pictures of her with her husband. 

Ben and Tomoka seem to share a long age gap but have not yet shared their age difference in public.

Vivienne Westwood Sons

Vivienne Westwood has two sons, whom she shares with two different men. 

Her first husband was Derek Westwood, with whom she had her first son Ben Westwood, born in 1963.

Benjamin Westwood is his full name; his parents separated when he was three. 

Before becoming involved in fashion as his mother, he was a photographer of erotica. Then, he started his first collection and named “outdoor woodsman, Red Indian, cowboy.”

After getting separated from Derek Westwood, she was in a relationship with Malcolm McLaren, and they welcomed their first children together.

Joseph Corre is her second son, and she welcomed him on November 30, 1967.


Corre is currently the Founder of  Company Agent Provocateur with his wife,  Serena Rees. Their Company has been expanded in 14 counties and has almost 30 shops.

Both of his sons are well-settled and have been following in his mother’s footsteps. They shared a great relationship with their mother, as Joseph’s Father died on April 2010. afterward, he was connected to his mother.

Vivienne Westwood Son, Ben Westwood Kids, And Family 

Ben Westwood shares a son with his wife, Tomoka. The information about their son has not been shared in public yet. 

Tomoka has shared some pictures of Westwood with his son, but their son’s face has been covered with emojis. 

So, the clear picture of their son has not been shared in public yet. 

Also, Tomoka has shared a picture with Ben, Vivienne, his mother, and his Father, with a caption, who had a lovely family time. 

Family picture shared by Ben Westwood wife, Tomoka.
Family picture shared by Ben Westwood’s wife, Tomoka. (Image Source: Instagram)

Before following the death of Vivienne, the couple seems to spend time often together. 

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Ben Westwood’s Net Worth 

As per the Sources, the net worth of Westwood, who has been involved in fashion, is $1.5 million.

Westwood has not shared his earnings through his fashion line, so his net worth has always been very unclear.

Westwood came into the limelight because of his mother; his mother’s net worth before death was $50 million, per the Sources.

Westwood began her career as a fashion designer when her ex-husband Malcolm McLaren, established a boutique called Let It Rock.

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