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Benita Alexander Wikipedia: Story Of Bad Surgeon In Her Words

Netflix is now covering the story of Benita Alexander through a docuseries, Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife; let’s learn more about her Wikipedia.

Benita Alexander, a television producer, is still a runner, director, writer, and narrator.

Currently, she is the producer for the true crime series Crimes Gone Viral, which is in its second season.

Being a victim of fraud herself, she works as the CEO of her foundation, Baraka Productions.

Baraka Productions is a company that helps advocate for women who go through various frauds.

In the documentary film He Lied About Everything, she tells her story about getting scammed by a world-renowned surgeon.

But today, let’s get to know her story and the Wikipedia of Benita Alexander through her own words.

Benita Alexander Wikipedia: Finding Out Lies in a Blossoming Relationship

Benita says that she met the charismatic surgeon, often called a ‘super-surgeon’ and a ‘miracle man,’ Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, during the research for one of her shows.

The show was NBC News special A Leap of Faith, where he charmed Benita with his presence and impressive medical skills.

Benita met many people before meeting Paolo himself, who had a lot of good things to say about him.

Benita Alexander Wikipedia
Benita Alexander is unstoppable, and people love that she is now able to tell her story. (Source: Twitter)

His reputation as a medical professional was something that stood out for Benita.

The coincidental meeting soon turned into a blossoming relationship.

Benita and Paolo looked like they were extremely in love with each other.

The romance made Benita completely ignore the earlier warning signs there for her to see.

Paolo had multiple cell phones and often behaved in a very secretive manner.

Little did she know that the man she loved had a secret family in Barcelona.

Not only that, Paolo was also misrepresenting his synthetic trachea procedure.

Benita Alexander bad surgeon
Netizens admire Benita Alexander for her commendable journey. (Source: Twitter)

The procedure later resulted in the death of seven of Paolo’s patients.

In 2014, when Paolo’s medical malpractice reports began surfacing, Benita refused to believe them.

It was only after her dreams of a fantasy wedding that she was planning with Paolo shattered that she realized he was not the person she thought he was.

With Bad Surgeon’s release, netizens are now curious about Benita Alexander and searching her Wikipedia for the full story.

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Benita’s Awakening: Exposing Lies, Coping With Trust Issues, & Advocating For Justice

Benita describes the realization as something filled with extreme shame and guilt.

After taking some time to reflect, she finally revealed his wicked ways to the whole world.

In an interview, Benita says that Paolo has been brainwashing her since the beginning.

Paolo was able to fool her and her journalistic instincts through his lies.

One lie among the many that stood out for Benita was about his life in Barcelona.

Benita Alexander wiki
Benita Alexander wishes that she never gets to see Paolo again after his time in prison. (Source: Twitter)

Benita reveals that this incident in her life has led her to lose trust in her instincts and have various psychological issues.

However, she is glad that she was able to put Paolo in jail.

But she also expresses dissatisfaction with the length of Paolo’s time in jail, which was only 30 months.

She says that the justice system has failed to provide justice for the families of the victims.

She heavily emphasizes the necessity of strict examinations and checks on people with shady behaviors in the medical field.

Benita hopes that there will not be any other incident in the future.

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