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Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia: Where is Ali Kemp killer now in 2024?

The number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Benjamin Appleby has risen significantly as he was arrested for the murder of a woman named Ali Kemp.

Benjamin Appleby, aka Teddy Hoover, is a Bantam man whose name came into media prominence after a murder incident.

On June 18, 2002, he was reportedly declared the killer of Alexandra Kemp or Ali Kemp.

Ali Kemp was a 19-year-old young lady from Leawood, Kansas.

Moreover, his involvement in the murder plot against an innocent woman raised many questions about the reason behind the murder.

All eyes turn to Benjamin Appleby for such a devastating killing, and people are actively searching for his Wikipedia page.

Benjamin Appleby Wikipedia: Where Is Ali Kemp Killer Now In 2024?

Despite gaining media attention from a murder, Wikipedia has not written anything about Benjamin Appleby yet.

However, in this article, we have gathered all the personal information about Benjamin Appleby, which Wikipedia may include in the future.

Currently, the authorities do not disclose any personal information about Benjamin Appleby for security concerns.

Further, concerning the age of Benjamin Appleby, he seems to be in his 40s according to his appearance and physicality.

Moving on, Benjamin’s current residence and details on the murder incident are said to be undisclosed.

An image of Benjamin after some years spent in prison.
Benjamin brutally killed Ali Kemp, which shocked the entire community. (Source: IMDb)

After the incident occurred, authorities arrested Benjamin in November 2004.

Following those legal proceedings, authorities conducted numerous procedures, resulting in his imprisonment.

As of 2024, many are still searching for where Benjamin Appleby is and what he is doing after killing an innocent woman.

Hence, the Bantam man is serving a life sentence without parole of fifty years in prison.

Nevertheless, the murder incident has also piqued interest among the netizens to find out the reason behind the murder.

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Why Did Benjamin Appleby Killed Ali Kemp?

As the public becomes aware of the murder case of Ali Kemp, the shocking event leaves people curious to know about it.

Benjamin had an outstanding arrest warrant under his nickname for charges for the Woodbury incident in 1997.

He didn’t only commit murder; he also engaged in rape and blackmail, facing accusations of numerous crimes.

Subsequently, the investigation showed that at the time of Ali’s murder, Benjamin worked as a pool maintenance man.

Eventually, Benjamin Appleby approached Ali, intending to engage in a flirty conversation.

Then, he anticipated Ali’s cooperation, but she did not respond as expected.

Due to that, he tried to touch Ali, but she pushed her, which triggered Benjamin, leading him to beat her.

An old image of Ali kemp the victim killed by Benjamin Appleby.
Benjamin tried to flirt and harassed Ali. (Source: IMDb)

After the outburst, assailants beat, whipped, and strangled Ali in the pump house of the Leawood neighborhood pool where she worked.

Hence, this led to a harsh and brutal murder, causing a drastic impact on the community.

However, the killer, Benjamin, acquired broad consideration, and many individuals assisted her family with looking for justice.

Unfortunately, Ali died in a horrific act of senseless violence that even seasoned local police officers.

One of the Head police commented on this incident, stating,

I’d have to say that in my 35 years of experience, it was probably the most horrific thing that could happen to a community like this.

Finally, the court sentenced Benjamin to life imprisonment for murdering Ali Kemp.

Nevertheless, Benjamin Appleby’s case and the tragic outcome involving Ali Kemp have deeply impacted the community, leaving a lasting impression.

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