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Bernardo Silva Arm Tattoo Meaning And Design: Is Manchester City Star Joining PSG?

Meaning and design of Bernardo Silva arm tattoo, get to know about his tattoo and more about the news of him joining PSG.

Silva is a professional footballer who has been playing as an attacking midfielder, forward, or winger for Premier League club Manchester City and has been involved in Portugal’s national team.

He was chosen in Portugal’s national team in the 2018 FIFA World cup and 2022 FIFA World Cup as well, along with that he has been involved in UEFA as well.

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Silva has been in Manchester City since the 2017 season, and he has more than two years of contract with the club, but there has been news going on the Internet about Silva leaving Manchester City; get to know about that in this article.

Bernardo Silva Arm Tattoo Meaning And Design

Silva has an arm tattoo in a different language, and the design looks nice on his arms. His arm tattoo says, “e pluribus unum.”

Clear picture of Bernardo Silva Tattoo.
A clear picture of Bernardo Silva’s Tattoo. (Image Source: Twitter)

People have often noticed his tattoo, which says, “out of many, one” or “one out of many.” His tattoo is in Latin; he has yet to share the reason behind the tattoo.

But looking at the meaning of it, the tattoo might mean something to him. Silva has no other visible tattoos on his body and has not shared any other tattoos in public.

Audiences are often curious to learn if Silva has any other tattoos, but it has yet to be shared in public which might mean he doesn’t have one.

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Is Manchester City Star Joining PSG?

Bernardo Silva, who has been in the Manchester City club for more than five years, confessed he would speak to Manchester City about his future at the end of the season. 

He mentioned that he would take any other opportunities as they come through and would be willing to leave the club, although he has more than two years left. 

In the interview with Record, he did not hide his interest, and he honestly shared everything; he said, “I’m very focused on this season, and it doesn’t make sense to talk about leaving because we’re in the middle of the season,” 

It looks like he was prepared to leave the club soon after the end of the season; he also mentioned that he has focused on winning more with City. 

Many people were curious to learn the reason behind it and where he would be going, but he didn’t mention it; he said he has been looking for opportunities and would be happy to have him in the club.

Kylian Mbappe wants PSG to sign Man City's Bernardo Silva
Kylian Mbappe wants PSG to sign Man City’s Bernardo Silva. (Image Source: ESPN)

After the interview with the Record was out, Kylian Mbappe wanted Silva to join him at the Parc des Princes at the end of the season; Mbappe mentioned he would love to reunite and play together with Manchester City’s Star Silva.

But the summer transfer deadline passed, and he told the public, “The truth is there have been no offers from Spain, so I’m staying in Manchester, and I’m happy. That’s all; that’s my choice.”

That confirms that Silva will be playing for Manchester City and will not be leaving for PSG. 

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