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10 Best Food Delivery Apps of 2021

10 Best Food Delivery Apps of 2021!!

The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has led the world to chaos and has impacted daily life.

Food Delivery App
Food Delivery App (Cover: Noun Project)

Nonetheless, food delivery companies have been able to suck out the benefits from the pandemic situation and have grown extensively due to social distancing order and lockdown situations.

Quick Overview

Food Delivery Apps Delivery Charge
1. GrubHub Vary as per restaurant
2. Uber eats Starts from $0.99 (excluding any busy areas fees)
3. DoorDash Between $5 and $8 per order (Set By Restaurant)
4. Seamless Vary as per restaurant
5. Postmates Vary as per restaurant
6. goPuff Delivery $1.95 per order
7. Eat 24 As per restaurants
8. Delivery.com Charges between $5 and $6 per order
9. Caviar Vary as per restaurant
10. ChowNow Vary as per restaurant

Best Food Delivery Apps

Here are the top 10 best food delivery apps that have been providing unexpected service to customers.

10. ChowNow

Although it’s not a meal delivery app per se, it does provide delivery from a few eateries in your region.

As an online ordering system and mobile app, ChowNow helps businesses feed their hungry consumers for free.

ChowNow’s connection with social media is one of its best features and also allows restaurant owners to connect their social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram with ChowNow.

There’s even a function that allows customers to place orders directly through a restaurant’s Instagram page.

A restaurant’s location influences ChowNow’s pricing. Upon picking a restaurant, the app will tell you the restaurant’s costs before moving on.

With the aid of ChowNow’s outstanding capabilities, customers can order meals directly from businesses’ social profiles.

9. Caviar

Similar to DoorDash, Caviar is a logistics platform that DoorDash bought towards the end of the year.

Caviar is only available in a few locations and provides services to clients with a wider variety of restaurants than the DoorDash App.

To use this program, you’ll need to create an account. But after you’ve created an account, this software takes care of the rest by itself. 

Because Caviar works with restaurants that don’t deal with delivery services like Seamless, Grubhub, and Postmates, it stands apart from the competition.

All of Caviar’s services aim to make restaurants more profitable by relieving chefs of the burden of recruiting and arranging delivery drivers.

8. Delivery.com

Food delivery app Delivery.com has been around for a long time.

Since 1995, the firm has been connecting its clients with their favorite restaurants through a website.

One can search through tens of thousands of restaurants and businesses.

We can earn Delivery Points with every transaction, redeeming for gift cards and other prizes. It’s free to use Delivery.com’s products and services.

7. Eat 24

“EAT24” is one of several app-based meal delivery businesses sprouting in towns and suburbs around the country. They managed to collaborate with one of the most popular foods and beverage applications.

To experience the super fast delivery experience of food on time, Eat 24 is the right app.

They provide a variety of payment methods. Eat 24 serves meals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The idea behind this app is to have meals delivered to you at all times. Eat 24 has collaborated with various eateries and cafés to make meals available even at night time.

Eat24 charges a set rate, which amounts to 12.5 percent of a restaurant’s net online sales.

The application has collaborated with eateries, and as a result, you’ll notice an automatic coupon system that will provide you the most incredible deals on your meal. Deals on You Meal!!!

Also, you can modify the search function to locate specific cuisines or fast food chains.

6. goPuff Delivery

In terms of food delivery applications, goPuff is comparable to a convenience shop. The service is available at more than 170 sites across the United States, and its catalog has more than 2,000 items.

As a result, goPuff is more than just a meal delivery service, as it allows you to buy anything from chips to socks.

A food delivery app in general, goPuff has since expanded to ship everything.

Go Puff
Go Puff (Source: Wikipedia)

For its clients, goPuff offers a choice of culinary items such as ice cream and fast meals.

Alcohol, cleaning supplies, and over-the-counter drugs are all available for purchase along with other non-food products.

Using the goPuff application’s AI-based search engines, you can find any product by name, business name, category, or even by looking for similar goods.

There’s a $1.95 delivery cost, but goPuff also offers a $5.95 monthly “Fam Membership” that enables free delivery on every transaction.

5. Postmates

One of the pioneers in online meal delivery, Postmates is a commission-free online food delivery service. The application is available in over 3500 cities across the United States. 

You can order meals from restaurants, but you can also purchase groceries, clothing, jewelry, and other non-food items.

Offices and small workstations love Postmates since it’s cost-effective and convenient for them to use.

In exchange for paying $9.99 a month for Postmates Unlimited, you won’t have to pay for a single delivery or surcharges on purchases above $15 if you subscribe to the service.

Due to a recent pandemic, Postmates now offers a no-contact delivery option, which means that your item will be dropped off at a location of your choice by your delivery driver.

4. Seamless

Ordering meals for delivery or takeaway has never been easier than with Seamless! Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it.

There are no menus, no phone calls, and no repetition.

It is the second most downloaded meal delivery app on Google Play in the United States, after Uber Eats. The reason for its enormous appeal is that it has a wide range of characteristics.

The seamless app’s most notable feature is that it lets you get your purchase from any location. Seamless stands apart from other meal delivery businesses because of its responsiveness to client complaints.

Additionally, Seamless supports credit cards, Android Pay (Android Pay), Apple Pay (Apple Pay), as well as eGift. Seamless, like GrubHub, is a free service that you can use whenever you want.

Each restaurant sets its prices. Expenditures vary based on the restaurant, but subscribing to Seamless+ might be a good idea if you want to keep your costs down.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash is accessible in 4,000 locations in North America, Canada, and Australia.

It provides consumers the option to decrease their delivery expenses by paying $9.99 a month for Dash Pass. 

Look no further if you’re new to meal delivery services and search for a user-friendly app that’s perfect for beginners.

Aside from providing your address or zip code, using this program is a straightforward process.

A unique feature of the DoorDash app is the pleasure mode, which rates restaurants according to various variables such as reviews, average delivery time, and charge cost.

Convenient features are what this software is all about! The DoorDash application’s menus vary according to the hour.

There are various discounts and promotions for first-time users, such as free shipping or 20 percent off your first buy.

DoorDash has explored merging with Postmates, a similar firm, to compete with Uber eats and Grubhub (currently the two most extensive meal delivery services), but nothing has come to fruition yet.

2. Uber eats

A well-known and well-respected brand, Uber is a leader in the transportation industry.

Nobody needs to fill additional forms since they can check in with their Uber cab service credentials. It’s that easy.

Aside from having various unique features, Uber Eats can be a little more expensive than contenders.

Uber eats, like GrubHub, uses location to show the nearest cafés and restaurants. Considering that the Uber cab booking application is already popular in the United States, Uber eats is sure to follow suit.

Uber Eats
Uber Eats (Source: Wikipedia)

Uber’s primary ride-sharing app is seamlessly integrated into this app.

It allows you to request transportation, order meals, and have them delivered all at once.

This application’s distinctive feature is the estimated delivery time displayed when the order is placed and keeps you informed minute by minute throughout the process.

There’s also a clock that tells you when and where the delivery guy will arrive.

Uber eats is a better option for large orders because DoorDash charges between 7 and 15 percent.

1. GrubHub

GrubHub is one of the best applications that deliver your food to your doorstep. It has been top-rated by consumers and covers 1,000 cities across all of the USA.

It is often the cheapest choice. Similarly, it now has over 50,000 eateries and a range of bars for cafes and snacks.

Grubhub’s huge success lies primarily in its user-friendly UI.

Its program includes a search tool with over 30 criteria that can be entirely personalized.

The location tracking function is included in the GrubHub food delivery app.

The software automatically locates your position with one tap, and you don’t need to input it all manually.

You may also store your place, unique message, and name it home, friends or office.

You pay the restaurant’s delivery cost, so you don’t have to pay GrubHub itself any additional expenses.


The time in Covid-19 pushed the food delivery industry forward as many of the people in lockdown ordered food for the first time.

Not only has the food delivery app grown in popularity this year, but so has grocery delivery.

These are the top 10 best food delivery apps of 2024, and these apps are helpful for both IOS and Android users; if we’ve missed anything, you can comment below.

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