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Big Jook Arrested In Memphis: What Did He Do? Where Is He Now?

News is flying through the roof as Big Jook arrested in Memphis for being a suspect in the killing of Young Dolph.

In connection with the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, a third suspect has been brought to justice.

Hernandez Govan, was charged on three counts by a grand jury on November 10 and was indicted, according to Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy.

Govan is accused of first-degree murder, first-degree murder conspiracy, and first-degree murder attempt. Hernandez Govan, is the only person named in this indictment charged with conspiring to conduct first-degree murder, which is interesting.

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Now that a picture of Hernandez with Yo Gotti’s brother Big Jook has leaked online, people are reacting to it in various ways.

Big Jook Arrested In Memphis: What Did He Do?

The public is curious as to why Yo Gotti’s brother is positioned adjacent to the third suspect detained in connection with Young Dolph’s homicide.

Internet sleuths have gone into overdrive after an old photo of Yo Gotti’s brother standing close to the accused planner of Young Dolph’s death surfaced.

Hernandez Govan was charged with murder and conspiracy, as was previously reported.

Fans believe his daughter LottaCash Desto paid a death price for his deeds, and this has caused a commotion on the streets of Memphis.

Big Jook Arrested
Big Jook Photo With The Person Who Killed Young Dalph (Source: Instagram)

The hum might be approaching the roar of the Memphis Grizzlies. Yo Gotti’s older brother is Big Jook. Fans need clarification as to why he is positioned next to Govan. The photograph’s capture date still needs to be discovered.

Jook is sporting what appears to be an old Collective Music Group pendant, though.

Not to mention that Yo Gotti and Young Dolf’s feud was well known. The beef began to swell from swapping shots on social media to eventually trading shots on Vinyl. In September of last year, Dolph was shot in Los Angeles.

Although a Gotti crew member was accused of committing the crime, the charges were ultimately dismissed.

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And in Charlotte, North Carolina, Blac Youngsta was charged with shooting Dolph 100 times but later cleared of the charge.

But after confessing to the shooting, Howard “Keon” Wright, a close associate of Gotti’s label, received a 14-year sentence.

Big Jook likes concentrating on GloRilla’s current success and the rest of CMG’s developing roster.

He gave BigGlo his congratulations on Instagram. Furthermore, despite false rumors, Big Jook has not been detained for any offense.

He recently displayed himself taking in the incredible success of CMG, spending time at the beach, and honoring their mother’s birthday.

However, with Govan’s recent arrest, Dolph supporters feel the walls are closing on them.

Where Is Big Jook Now? 

The Police arrested big Jook on November 10. He had been in jail for about a day or two. But the rapper got his way out by bail paying a million dollars. 

One person said, “Everyone knows it was Gotti, the only nigga that hated him; Dolph had no other beef.” Another user commented, “Str8 complete circle you can’t hide crap from the internet.”

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On February 11, 2016, Young Dolph sent a subtle jab at his Memphis rival Yo Gotti, making it clear that the two were at odds. Tweeting, “Bra went from being my #1 fan and wanting to sign me to bein my BIGGEST HATER,” about Gotti’s failed attempt to sign Dolph to his CMG label, Dolph claimed that Yo Gotti wasn’t happy with his growing success.

Even though Dolph did not specifically mention Gotti, it was apparent who Dolph was criticizing, and his statements would trigger a series of circumstances that would cause the rivalry to escalate fast.



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