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BigXthaPlug Age And Wikipedia: Real Name And Family Background

BigXthaPlug is a rapper from Dallas who has gained a substantial following and popularity in recent years.

Through his evocative lyrics and distinctive musical style, BigXthaPlug has captivated listeners, earning him an expanding fanbase.

As his compelling songs accumulate millions of streams online, BigXthaPlug’s notoriety continues to grow.

BigXthaPlug has cultivated an impressive presence on social media platforms, allowing him to directly engage with his multitude of admirers.

On Instagram alone, he has amassed over 596,000 followers who actively support and promote his music releases.

His YouTube channel presents a similar story, with close to 400,000 subscribers tuned in to view his latest music videos.

Each video release tends to generate millions of views in a brief period as more fans discover BigXthaPlug’s talents.

As his raw lyrical talent and production skills earn praising mentions across blogs and music publications, BigXthaPlug’s reputation in rap circles elevates.

With a swelling fanbase celebrating his outputs, BigXthaPlug continues solidifying his position among Dallas’ most promising rap artists.

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BigXthaPlug Age And Wikipedia: Real Name

The popular rapper was born on 1998, as of now, 2024, 26 years old. 

BigXthaPlug is a rapper from Dallas, Texas who has become known for his raspy voice and unique style of rapping.

As per sources, he originally hoped to have a career playing professional football.

However, he got into legal trouble and spent time in jail, which led him to start writing rap lyrics while in solitary confinement.

BigXthaPlug age
BigXthaPlug has tons of followers on his social media handles (Source: Instagram)

After being released from jail in 2020, BigXthaPlug decided to pursue a full-time career as a rapper. He released his first EP called Bacc From the Dead to signify this career shift.

Over the next couple years, BigXthaPlug gained popularity within the vibrant Texas rap scene and beyond.

In 2021 and 2022, he released popular songs like “Safehouse,” “Big Stepper,” and “Mr. Trouble.”

His music has a lively rhythmic bounce that reflects the musical heritage of Texas. By 2022, his songs had amassed millions of plays on streaming platforms.

That year he released an EP called Big Stepper EP and had a hit with the single “Texas.”

In 2023, BigXthaPlug released his debut full-length album called AMAR, named for his son.

The album reached #4 on a Billboard chart, demonstrating his emerging success in the rap world after his difficult past.

BigXthaPlug Family Background

While having amassed a sizable online following, Dallas rapper BigXthaPlug tends to keep his familial ties out of the public spotlight.

Though maintaining an active presence across social media, including a popular Instagram account, he has shared minimal insight on his upbringing or parents thus far.

However, it is believed BigXthaPlug was raised in a middle-class household in Dallas by morally supportive parents.

In his lyrics, BigXthaPlug has occasionally referenced caring for his young son, Amar. This devotion was underscored by naming his latest album “Amar” in honour of his child.

BigXthaPlug age
A charming picture featuring BigXthaPlug and his son, Amar. (Source: Instagram)

As an artist, BigXthaPlug splits time between his blossoming music career and his duties as a father.

However, out of respect for his family’s privacy, he seems to have set firm boundaries regarding publicity in his personal affairs.

This decision aligns with his reserved personality despite achieving wider recognition across Dallas’ rap landscape and accumulating over half a million social media followers.

Going forward, BigXthaPlug appears content with building his dedicated fanbase chiefly through his evocative songwriting rather than by putting his private life under a microscope.

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