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Bill Ackman Daughter Eloise Ackman: Wikipedia And Age

The suspension of Eloise Ackman, daughter of Bill Ackman, from Harvard’s rowing team for alleged bullying towards the only black girl on the team has triggered heightened interest, leading people to search for more information about her. Let’s get into the details.

William Albert Ackman is an American billionaire hedge fund manager known as the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management.

In addition, his investment approach recognizes him as an activist investor.

Ackman’s notable market plays involve shorting MBIA’s bonds in the 2007–2008 financial crisis, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and more.

His considerable success has piqued people’s curiosity, leading them to seek more information about his life.

Meanwhile, Eloise Ackman, the daughter of Bill Ackman, is currently in the spotlight for alleged involvement in racial matters, prompting netizens to seek more information about her.

Meet Bill Ackman Daughter Eloise Ackman: Wikipedia And Age

Recent allegations and Eloise being associated with leftist views have heightened people’s curiosity about the daughter of Bill Ackman.

Eloise Ackman is the daughter of Bill Ackman and his ex-wife, Karen Ann Herskovitz.

Bill Ackman daughter, Eloise in a black dress
Eloise has two siblings, Lucy and Liza, and one step-sister. (Source: Facebook)

However, despite being the daughter of Bill Ackman, limited information is available about Eloise Ackman on the internet.

Eloise Ackman has not disclosed her exact birth date, but based on available information, she is estimated to be in her late 20s or early 30s.

Eloise also has two siblings and one step-sister from her father’s subsequent marriage. She also appears to be the eldest.

Likewise, she earned a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University and a Master of Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Moreover, Eloise Ackman is a History Teacher at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, New York.

Bill Ackman daughter, Eloise in a white dress
Not much information about Eloise Ackman is available on the internet. (Source: Facebook)

Eloise Ackman interned for Senator Cory Booker and worked as an investigator for Bronx Defenders.

In addition, she has also served as a Resource Coordinator at the Center for Court Innovation in Brooklyn.

Furthermore, according to some sources, she went to Harvard and became a Marxist, likely also critical of Zionism.

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More Details About Bill Ackman: Career And Family

Born on May 11, 1966, William Albert Ackman grew up in Chappaqua, New York, as the son of Ronnie I. and Lawrence David Ackman.

In 1988, he attained a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors (magna cum laude) in social studies from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Harvard graduate and donor applied activist-investor tactics skillfully to attain his objectives at the nation’s oldest university.

Bill Ackman with his wife
Bill Ackman is the father of 4 children. (Source: Twitter)

In 1992, Ackman co-founded Gotham Partners with Harvard peer David P. Berkowitz, focusing on small investments in public companies.

Later, in 2004, with $54 million from personal funds and support from Leucadia National, Ackman founded Pershing Square Capital Management.

In 2015, Ackman was recognized as a top hedge fund manager by LCH Investments for Pershing Square’s $4.5 billion net gains in 2014.

Further, in December 2012, Ackman criticized Herbalife’s business model, deeming it a pyramid scheme.

Meanwhile, after Ackman’s remarks, billionaire Carl Icahn publicly disputed him in a televised spat.

Bill talking in a mic
Recently, Bill Ackman defended Elon Musk on Twitter. (Source: Yahoo News UK)

On February 28, 2018, Ackman exited his nearly billion-dollar bet against Herbalife as the company’s stock continued to rise.

Additionally, his role in potentially advocating for Claudine Gay’s departure from the Harvard presidency is not viewed by him as right-wing bullying.

Hence, his most successful investments are often controversial, and he follows a key rule in activist investing: “make a bold call that nobody believes in.”

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