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Bill Carlton Daughter Presley And Son Keegan And Corbin

Bill owns a company called Ekstensive Metal Works. Who is Bill Carlton daughter, Presley? Explore more in this article.

He has been the owner and leader of the company since January 1994. He has been running Ekstensive Metal Works for over 30 years.

As the proprietor or owner, Bill is in charge of the whole company. He oversees how it operates and makes sure things run smoothly.

He also sets goals and plans for the future growth and success of Ekstensive Metal Works. Bill built his first truck when he was sixteen.

With 30+ years of experience working for and leading the company, Bill knows much about metalworks.

He uses his knowledge and understanding of the industry to guide the company.

He has helped Ekstensive Metal Works make it through challenges and thrive under his leadership and direction for over three decades.

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Bill Carlton Daughter Presley 

Bill Carlton has not openly discussed his children’s current careers or jobs. While he did previously post about his kids on Instagram, he kept details vague.

When his Instagram account was active, Bill shared photos and videos of his children with his public followers. This included footage of him teaching his daughter Presley how to drive.

Based on timelines from these Instagram posts, his daughter Presley is estimated to be around 19 years old as of 2024.

Additionally, he posted a clip several years ago showing his son Corbin driving when Corbin was only 10 years old.

Bill Carlton daughter
Bill teaching his daughter Presley how to drive (Source: Instagram)

So Bill gave glimpses into his kids’ lives through social media, but he refrained from divulging many specifics or what his children were actively doing career-wise in the present day.

Overall, while Bill was an avid Instagram user himself, he tended to reveal lighter moments of his children to audiences or fans.

Things like driving practice videos or family snapshots. However, he never disclosed any particular jobs or occupations his kids currently have in their adult lives.

Bill appears to separate public content related to his kids from providing real insight or information regarding his children’s professional endeavours in modern times.

Though there are clues, his daughter Presley is now a young adult, while his son Corbin is in his teenage years.

Bill Carlton Son Keegan And Corbin

Bill Carlton, a cast member of Texas Metal, is a very well-known businessman and TV personality.

When it comes to his two sons, Keegan and Corbin, they like to keep their personal lives out of the public eye and away from media attention, much like their father.

Although Keegan Carlton has an Instagram account, it is set to private.

Also, this demonstrates that Keegan desires privacy and does not want details about his personal life visible to the general public online.

Moreover, he wants to maintain a separation between his public image and the private world.

Bill Carlton daughter
An image of Bill and his beloved son Keegan Carlton (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, very little information at all is available online about Bill’s younger son, Corbin.

Corbin seems to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother when it comes to guarding his privacy.

There are few details accessible to the media or the public regarding Corbin’s personal details, relationships, or life outside of being Bill’s son.

Overall, Bill’s businessman status and TV persona attract media interest. However, his sons, Keegan and Corbin, aim to live outside of the spotlight.

The limited availability of information and private social media settings indicate both sons take measures to keep their personal lives confidential and detached from Bill’s fame.

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