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Is Bill Maher Scientologist? His Religious Beliefs

Many celebrities are followers of Scientology, even though it is a controversial topic, and now people’s focus has shifted to Bill Maher to know if he is a Scientologist.

Born in 1956, Bill Maher is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, and TV host.

Maher started his career as a comedian and actor with the comedy club Catch a Rising Star.

He is known for hosting the HBO political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher.

Further, Maher targets many topics, including religion, politics, and the mass media in his shows.

He has also received nominations for two Grammy Awards and a Tony Award.

Currently, Maher launched a podcast, Club Random, where he hosts one-on-one interviews with guests.

After a pause on his talk show due to a writer’s strike, Bill Maher is trending, and people are curious if he is a Scientologist.

Is Bill Maher A Scientologist?

Bill Maher is not a fan of religion and has passed many comments about Scientology.

Many celebrities, including Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Elisabeth Moss, are known for their involvement with Scientology.

Further, the Church of Scientology is a network of interconnected corporate and other groups that practice 21st-century religion.

The church annually receives revenue of $200 million from its members and followers.

Despite mass following, ex-Scientologists like Leah Remini have come out to tell the absolute truth about the shady religion.

In an episode of Maher’s talk show, Leah slams Scientology and talks about getting rid of the church altogether.

Bill Maher and Leah Remini talk about scientology and break the religion
Bill supports Leah on her way to debunking Scientology

She also mentioned how Maher’s 2008 anti-religion documentary Religulous helped her understand the bad side of Scientology.

The documentary examines and challenges religion and its beliefs.

Moreover, Maher admired her outspoken manner against the organization.

Bill also agreed with Leah, stating Tom Cruise’s ability to end the religion single-handedly if he wanted.

This is evidence enough that Bill Maher is not a follower of Scientology.

In addition, he faced backlash on the internet after he called colleges a con and compared them to the controversial religion.

His religious beliefs are entirely different, and he often talks about them.

Bill Maher: Religious Beliefs Details

Maher is highly critical of all religions and views them as destructive.

He has been described as an atheist and apatheist, which means he is not interested in the existence of god.

Moreover, Maher has rejected being grouped with explicit atheists as

Religion to me is bureaucracy between man and God that I don’t need

Maher has claimed to be super non-religious in many shows and interviews, slamming many existing religions.

He has compared religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism.

Maher states that he believes in respect for minorities, free speech, and equality of sexes, which most religions dismiss.

Even his comedy throws comedic punches at organized religion.

Bill Maher invited Jim Gaffigan to his podcast episode
Bill and Jim talk about recent writer’s strike (Source: Instagram)

Further, Maher’s documentary Religulous shows believers from different faiths and concludes with a warning about the danger of religion.

Despite his present beliefs, Maher’s upbringing was Catholic until age 13, when his father quit the church due to its anti-abortion stance.

Even though he is Jewish, Maher doesn’t engage with his cultural and religious heritage.

In addition to his religious views, he spread fatal misinformation about vaccines and supported anti-vax views.

In his long career, Maher has toured the country doing standup, acted, written a book, and hosted numerous shows.

Looking back, Maher feels lucky to have such a platform and audience.

Maher is grateful for a way to speak out about what matters the most to him.

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