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Biz Markie Siblings: Who Are His Brother and Sister?

Biz Markie siblings still remember their brother, who passed away on July 16, 2021. Here’s more information bout his family background.

Marcel Theo Hall, aka Biz Markie, was a notable rapper and singer from America. He shot to fame after releasing his single named Just a Friend in 1989, which became a Top 40 hit in several countries.

During his active career in the hip-hop scene, Markie released many songs and albums, which helped him earn name and fame.

Furthermore, Markie was sometimes referred to as the Clown Prince of Hip Hop. His famous studio albums are Goin’ Off, The Biz Never Sleeps, I Need a Haircut, All Samples Cleared!, and Weekend Warrior.

Sadly, Markie passed away on July 16, 2021, following a battle with his health. People are still eager to know about his personal life, which has been shared below.

Meet Biz Markie Siblings

Biz Markie was not the only child of his parents as he grew up with his five siblings. Many online sources have claimed that he was one of six siblings.

Apart from that, a report by Revolt Tv has shown that Markie had a total of 11 siblings. While sharing the news of Biz’s demise in 2021, the outlet reported that he is survived by four sisters and seven brothers.

Biz Markie Siblings
Biz Markie grew up with his loving siblings in the United States of America. ( Source: The New York Times )

Diamond Shell is one of his brothers who was deeply devasted by the death of his brother. During that time, he also paid tribute to Biz, saying, “To the baddest in the beats icon legend … my brother BIZ MARKIE… I’LL miss you more than words ….”

Markie had a good bond with everyone, and his death came as a shock to them. 

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Who are Biz Markie Brothers?

As stated earlier, Biz Markie is survived by seven brothers: Solon (Bill) Parker, Roy Hall, Sheldon (Diamond Shell) Parker, Victor Parker, Joseph Parker, Vaughn (DJ Cool V) Lee, and Previn Lee.

Markie’s brothers have preferred to keep them far from media prominence. Due to the lack of information, it remains unclear what they are engaged in.

Biz Markie Brother
Biz Markie’s brother Diamond Shell was devasted by his death in 2021 and paid tribute to him on Facebook. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, one of his brothers, Diamond Shell, can be found active on Facebook, where more than 500 people have followed him.

The details about Markie’s other brothers remain under review, but more info will surely be updated soon.

Who are Biz Markie Sisters?

Biz Markie also had four sisters, and their names are reported to be Yvonne Hall, Dr. Kathryn (Sue) Parker, Camellia Lee, and Yolanda “Yummy” Parker.

For your information, Markie was very private when it came to the topic of his personal matters. Due to that, he mainly kept all of his details confidential rather than sharing the info with the tabloids.

Due to that, the details regarding Markie’s sisters also remain unclear. Their names just came into the media following Biz’s passing in 2021.

Biz Markie Sisters
Biz Markie had a close bond with his sisters, but all of them kept themselves far from the media. ( Source: Rolling Stone )

It can be said that all of them are busy in their lives and are doing pretty well. In the same way, the names of his parents also remain under investigation.

It has been noted that Markie’s mother used to call him “Biz” in his early days as he was such as busybody. 

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