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Isagi Or Kaiser, Who Scored? Blue Lock 236 Leaks, Spoilers From Reddit

The latest leaks and events from Blue Lock Chapter 236 has revealed an exciting point in the ongoing match, and readers can’t seem to get enough.

Blue Lock is a Japanese shonen manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro.

The series is known for its notable plot and characters who train to become the world’s greatest egoist striker.

Moreover, people say the protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, is an ideal candidate for the type of striker Ego strives to create.

Characters in the manga have gone through various matches and selections to reach to this point of the story.

As the story progresses, fans are discussing their expectations for chapter 236 of Blue Lock.

The events of the ongoing match have reached their climax, where potential twists await, which seems to excite the readers.

Further, the leaks of the chapter have been circulating around the internet, making fans curious about future events.

[SPOILERS] Isagi Or Kaiser, Who Scored?: Blue Lock Recap 235 And Leaks 236

In recent chapter 235, fans witnessed Hiori try to change his destiny.

The chapter titled The Reason You Were Born focused mainly on Hiori, showing his complex relationship with his parents.

Furthermore, his parents want him to be the best in the game, but Hiori feels burdened by such expectations.

During chapter 235, Hiori possesses the ball, and Isagi asks him to pass it back.

Yoichi Isagi during a match
Isagi has grown stronger as a character since the beginning of the series (Source: Instagram)

However, Hiori wants to surpass Isagi’s expectations and decides to shoot, hoping to find an answer for his future.

But Sendo somehow stops the unexpected shot, disappointing Hiori.

Despite that, his shot helps Isagi envision his ultimate winning formula.

In addition, chapter 235 also showed an immense growth in Hiori and his self-confidence.

Now, in the leaks of 236, we might find out what new plans Isagi has to claim victory in the match.

Further, we are more likely to see Isagi score the winning goal as the final scene in the previous chapter shows him staring at the ball.

Blue Lock 236 Leaks
Isagi considers Kaiser as a rival and wants to win against him (Source: Instagram)

Apart from Sendou, Kunigami and Aryu on the left and Kaiser and Lorenzo on the right are also close to the ball.

On another thought, Kaiser can still try to block Isagi’s shot to the victory, which will be a thrilling event.

But it is less likely to happen, as Isagi is probably going to score his goal through a rebounded ball.

This scene could end up being similar to Rin Itoshi’s goal against Isagi’s team in Second Selection.

Nonetheless, all the fans of the series can look forward to an exciting read in the new chapter.

Blue Lock Latest Chapter: Release Date And Time

The chapter 236 of Blue Lock is set to release on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

After its release in Japan, it will be accessible in various time zones.

Furthermore, readers can access the manga through various websites and official apps.

Fans have been circulating Blue Lock leaks on the internet for a long time through platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Isagi in his jersey during a game
Fans expect thrilling events in future manga chapters (Source: Twitter)

However, the legal teams have removed many of the leaks to prevent other readers from spoilers.

Despite the efforts, people haven’t stopped posting the manga on Discord servers, other social media platforms and illegal sites.

Still, fans eagerly wait for the official release of the chapter to initiate further discussions.

The past chapters have been building up the intensity, showcasing different sides of the characters.

Moreover, with each new release, fans witness development in both the physical and mental skills of their favorites.

As the story reaches its peak, Blue Lock will continue to deliver thrilling moments on the soccer field, leaving fans excited for more.

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