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Blue Lock 237 Spoilers & Leaks: Hiori’s Last Attack! Twitter, Reddit

The stakes are high as players from each team try their best to get a goal, and readers can’t wait to get their hands on spoilers and leaks of Blue Lock chapter 237.

Changing the dynamics of sports manga, Blue Lock has caught the attention of many readers.

All the characters aim to be the best strikers in the world and train under the Blue Lock regimen.

Further, among those kicking the ball down the field is Yoichi Isagi, a player who is only somewhat convinced of his own skills.

With recent buildup and intensity, Blue Lock takes readers on a thrilling journey along with the players.

Now, many are looking forward to the release of a new chapter with Blue Lock chapter 237 spoilers circulating the internet.

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Before diving into Blue Lock chapter 237 spoilers, let’s talk about the recent release of the manga.

The chapter titled Sayonara follows the events after the failed goal attempt of Hiyori Yo.

Further, he ponders about quitting football, claiming he does not have what it takes to be at Blue Lock.

However, aligning with leaks of 236, Isagi devises a plan to score a goal with Hiori in the official release.

Blue Lock chapter 237
Isagi has devised a plan to defeat the other team with a final piece. (Source: Twitter)

Isagi suddenly calls out to Hiori breaking his train of thought, and asks him to help create an attack once again.

This surprises Hiori as Isagi still has expectations from the players despite his inability to score earlier.

In the meantime, Aiku possesses the ball and passes it around, progressing to the opposition’s goal.

But, as Isagi goes past Hiori, he asks him not to think and instead do things reflexively.

Moreover, this was the advice that Hiori had given to Isagi quite some time ago.

Isagi’s words help Hiori realize the difference between his parents and his teammate’s expectations.

Isagi in the manga
Isagi aims to be the best striker in all of Japan. (Source: Twitter)

On the field, Barou manages to shoot the ball quickly but is blocked by Kunigami.

The ball then rebounds and flies above everyone as Sendoh and Aiku try to get control of it.

However, Gagamaru manages to reach it with a jump and catches it.

After his possession of the ball, Gagamaru throws the ball to Hiori, who controls it to initiate a final attack with Isagi.

Such an intense chapter has led readers curious about chapter 237 spoilers for the Blue Lock manga.

Blue Lock 237 Spoilers & Leaks: Hiori’s Last Attack! Twitter, Reddit

The last chapter’s ending seems like the best opportunity for the two egoists to score their winning goal.

Further, the next chapter will be titled The Center Of The World, which could be hinting towards the final moment of the match.

Given the build-up for this particular attack, both Isagi and Hiori can be the ones scoring the goal.

Hiori Yo enters the field in Blue Lock
Hiori was burdened by his parent’s expectations from a young age. (Source: Instagram)

However, fans have their own theories and predictions on the internet.

While Hiori wants to help Isagi secure the goal, there is a small chance that Isagi will allow Hiori to take the goal.

Moreover, the outcomes from chapter 237 of Blue Lock might convince Hiori to continue playing football.

However, there also lies a slim chance that Kaiser may steal the goal from Bastard Munchen.

Blue Lock character Isagi Yoichi
Isagi, consumed by his ego, challenges others on the field. (Source: Instagram)

But many think this is not the idle ending that the author has planned for the readers.

Readers on Reddit argue that there are going to be more flashbacks in the next chapters revealing the final goal only in chapter 238.

Further, the spoilers of chapter 237 of Blue Lock might also feature Isagi’s monologue about the final piece.

As this volume of the manga only has three chapters left, the following two releases will likely cover the game.

After that, the one chapter will be the post-game chapter concluding the arc.

Nonetheless, even if the author ends chapter 237 on a cliffhanger, it will be an interesting read for the fans.

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