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Bluey Leaked Surprise Episode: How & Where Can You Watch It?

People worldwide are eager to watch the third season of Bluey; however, an episode of the show has been leaked and is spreading all over the internet. What is the ‘Surprise?’

Bluey is a famous Australian TV series featuring a cute six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, Bluey.

She is an energetic and curious dog who lives with her father, Bandit, her mother, Chilli, and her sister Bingo.

Bingo often joins Bluey on her different adventures and helps her on her path.

Meanwhile, the show is about growing up in Australian culture, family values, and Bluey’s challenges in her journey.

Not only in Australia, but Bluey has also now become a worldwide famous dog, as she has fans from many countries.

However, since the release date in each country is different, this has led to an episode of Bluey being leaked.

Bluey’ Surprise!’ Episode Leaked: Fans Excited But Anxious About Possible Spoilers

The episode that has been leaked is the ‘Surprise!’ episode of season 3 of Bluey.

The ‘Surprise!’ episode is the 49th episode of the third season, which set to release on 27 December 2023 in India and Sri Lanka.

In these countries, Bluey airs on the Disney Junior channel.

However, the episode in India and Sri Lanka made its way to viewers before its release in other countries, including Australia.

Bluey oreo scene
Bluey is extremely intelligent and guides her sister, Bingo, through difficulties. (Source: Twitter)

It has also come to reports that the leaked episode of Bluey was released alongside another episode, ‘Ghost Basket,’ on the same day.

The ‘Surprise!’ episode features the characters Bluey, Bingo, and Bandit Heeler.

After the leak of the episode, many are trying to watch it before its official release.

Few clips are available to see on YouTube and Twitter, but the show’s owners are trying their best to stop the spread.

Soon after its release in India and Sri Lanka, some websites were quick enough to post it.

However, the links to these websites do not seem to work anymore.

Bluey as a puppy
Bluey has now become everyone’s favorite Television dog. (Source: Twitter)

The leaked clips of the ‘Surprise!’ episode of Bluey shows him with a toy gun.

In the episode, Bingo is carrying an Australian flag, and Bandit, on the other hand, is watching a race on a TV.

While some are now eager to know what the episode is about, some feel it might be underwhelming.

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Excitement Grows As Bluey Fans Share Theories: Is it About A Fun Family Game?

Other show fans wish the leaked ‘Surprise!’ episode of Bluey were about Rad and Frisky’s engagement.

They also hope to see a proposal leading to the engagement before the wedding.

There are also speculations that the episode could be about Rad and Frisky having a baby.

However, there is also a possibility that Chili is the one giving birth to a baby.

Bluey fan art
Bluey and her family are amazing together and always are very helpful to each other. (Source: Twitter)

Some fans of Bluey from India and Sri Lanka suggest that the leaked episode is actually about a game called ‘Surprise.’

They say Bluey gets a tennis ball shooter and wants to play the game with her dad.

Bingo comes out of nowhere, and she wants to play a family game where she wants Bandit to play the father.

Meanwhile, Bingo is the mother in her family game, and her tennis balls are the children.

Their house is a so-called safe place where Bluey can’t attack Bandit.

But Bingo somehow makes Bandit leave the safe place, unaware of Bluey’s game.

Ultimately, Bluey realizes she should not stop Bingo from playing with Bandit.

These leaks are exciting, but we must wait for the official release to see whether all this information is true.

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