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Has Bobbi Althoff Affair With Drake Leaked? Bobby Lee Podcast

Every day, a new rumor comes about celebrity affairs and this time, the headlines are about Bobbi Althoff and Drake; Twitter says their affair has finally leaked. Let’s explore.

Bobbi Althoff is a famous American podcaster and social media influencer born in 1997 on July 31st.

Many of her podcasts feature famous rappers and rich billionaires.

People are often wondering whether the questions she asks her guests on her podcast are jokes or if they are serious.

It is because many questions Bobbi asks are often very different from what the audience expects, sometimes appearing weird.

Nevertheless, because of her podcast’s uniqueness, it has become viral on the internet.

However, the fame is now responsible for rumors about Bobbi Althoff having an affair with Drake and it being leaked.

Bobbi Althoff Affair With Drake Leaked? Speculations As Viral Podcast Disappears

Rumors about the affair came after Bobbi Althoff deleted her famous podcast with Drake from her YouTube channel out of nowhere.

It was shocking because it is one of the videos that made her go viral all over the internet.

Bobbi Althoff smiling
Bobbi Althoff was a TikToker before she got into podcasts, which works well for her. (Source: Twitter)

The video grabbed many headlines because Bobbi did the whole podcast on a bed with Drake.

It raised many eyes because Bobbi was a married woman at the time.

It appeared more than just a podcast; people pointed out their chemistry.

The podcast video was still getting many views months after its release date.

So, it was strange for Bobbi to remove it from her channel.

Bobbi Althoff and drake
Bobbi Althoff and Drake are both very silent on the leaked affair rumors, making the fans even more suspicious. (Source: Twitter)

What added fuel to the fire was the news about her divorce from her husband started surfacing.

She and her husband, Cory Althoff, have been together for a long time and have two daughters.

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Bobbi Althoff Addresses Rumors: Screenshots And Denials Cast Doubt On Leaked Affair

With the timing of both news, many people believe that Bobbi Althoff and Drake’s alleged affair has finally leaked.

Some people even accuse Bobbi of doing all this as a PR stunt to gain more popularity.

However, Bobbi Althoff has recently made a post on her social media suggesting that her affair with Drake being leaked is all fake rumors.

The post was a screenshot of a conversation with Dave Portnoy, a podcaster and businessman.

Bobbi Althoff in red carpet
Bobbi Althoff has become so successful in Hollywood media in such a short time. (Source: Twitter)

In the leaked screenshot, Dave writes to Bobbi Althoff, “My girlfriend says you and Drake had a Hook and now you are divorcing. I am saying that is not true.”

To which she replies,

I am not commenting publicly, but off the record, you’re right, that is not true.

This has slowed down the conversation about Bobbi Althoff and Drake’s affair being leaked.

However, many still question why she would delete one of her most viral videos.

The timing of the news about Bobbi’s separation from her husband and her deleting the video is very suspicious.

People assume she may have had a fling with Drake, which ended poorly.

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