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Bobby Lee Net Worth : Career & Lifestyle

Bobby Lee is a popular American comedian and actor who holds an estimated net worth of $1 million.

He is most famous for his performances in MADtv from 2001 to 2009.

Bobby joined the show as its first Asian member.

Also, Bobby hosts a podcast called “TigerBelly,” with his girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn.

He was born to Korean American parents, Robert Lee and Jeanie Lee, on 17th September 1971.

Bobby Lee (Source: Instagram)

Bobby has acted in movies like “Pauly Shore Is Dead” (2003), “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004), “Undoing” (2006), “Killer Pad” (2008), “Keeping Up with the Joneses” (2016), etc.

Similarly, he has also appeared in TV shows like “Unreal TV” (2001), “MADtv” (from 2001 to 2009), “Mind of Mencia” (2005 and 2006), “Alone Together” (2018), “Splitting Up Together” (2018 to 2019), “Dream Corp LLC” (2020), etc.

Bobby Lee Quick Facts

Full Name Robert Lee Jr.
Age 52 years old
Date of Birth 17th September 1971
Birthplace San Diego, California
Father Robert Lee
Mother Jeanie Lee
Sibling Steve Lee
Girlfriend  Khalyla Kuhn
Education Poway High School
Profession Comedian, Actor, Internet Personality
Net Worth $1 million
Nationality American
Ethnicity Korean Descent
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Horoscope Virgo
Social Media Instagram



Last Updated June, 2024

Bobby Lee Income & Net Worth


Bobby Lee earns about $35,000 per year.


Everyone knows the name Bobby Lee as a famous Asian comedian.

Bobby started his comedy career by performing for the La Jolla Comedy Store in San Diego.

He has even opened for great comedians like Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia.

One of the most prominent milestones of Bobby’s career in comedy is his appearance in the show, “MADtv.”

Bobby Lee joined the cast of “MADtv” in September 2001 from the show’s seventh season.

He worked on “MADtv” until its closure in 2009.

However, when The CW revived the series, Bobby Lee participated briefly in 2016.

Some of his most popular roles in “MADtv” were Kim Jong-il, Connie Chung, Bae Sung, Tank, John McCain, Stewie Griffin, etc.

According to a source, Bobby charges about $15 for each ticket for his standup comedy shows across various cities.

Likewise, Bobby was a part of the famous comedy show, “Kims of Comedy,” with Kevin Shea, Steve Byrne, Dr. Ken Jeong.

This show reflected the Asian culture in a humorous way.

Hence, Bobby’s comedy career has earned him a large sum of money over the years.


Bobby currently co-hosts two podcasts.

First, Bobby hosts the podcast, “TigerBelly,” with his girlfriend, Khalyla Kuhn.

The couple started the podcast in 2015.

This podcast discusses various issues, from the personal life events of the hosts to topics on the entertainment industry, sexuality, racism, ethnicity, politics, etc.

It is reported that the “TigerBelly podcast earns about $7,600 to $121,300 through YouTube.

Second, Bobby co-hosts a podcast, “Bad Friends,” with Andrew Santino.

They started in 2020.

Therefore, a huge part of Bobby’s income comes from the podcasts he hosts.

Movies & TV Shows

Bobby has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows.

Consequently, his ventures in acting also have contributed to his income.


Also, Bobby owns a YouTube channel named “bobbylee.”

Net Worth

The famous comedian Bobby Lee’s net worth stands at $1 million.

Bobby’s net worth results from his contributions to the comedy, acting, and podcasting sectors.

Net Worth of Bobby Lee in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look at the net worth of Bobby Lee in different currencies:

Currency Net Worth
Euro 846,695
Pound Sterling £ 722,825
Australian Dollar A$ 1,344,448
Canadian Dollar C$ 1,257,425
Indian Rupee 74,551,500
BitCoin ฿ 31

Bobby Lee House & Cars


Bobby Lee owns a house in California. However, the exact location is unknown.

The house is built upon an area of 2,384 square feet. According to a source, Bobby bought this house for $548,600.


Although his net worth could afford something fancier, Bobby owns a simple Toyota Prius in grey.

Toyota Prius (Source: Wikipedia)

It costs about $32,375.

Bobby Lee Lifestyle & Vacation


Bobby Lee and his brother, Steve Lee, grew up in Poway, California.

His parents ran clothing businesses in Escondido and Encinitas, California.

And, they wanted Bobby to carry on with the family business.

Bobby attended Painted Rock Elementary School and Twin Peaks Middle School.

Likewise, he went to Poway High School for his higher studies.

However, Bobby started taking methamphetamine and marijuana at the age of 12. He also started consuming heroin at 15 years of age.

After three rehabilitation attempts, he became sober at 17 years old.

After his relapse, Bobby attended rehabilitation again and quit his addiction.

Initially, Bobby attended Palomar College, but later, dropped out.

In the present, he is healthy and happy, and we can say that Bobby lives a pretty decent life with his loved ones.


Bobby travels a lot for both work and vacations.

A source reported that he was seen in Montreal, Canada, and Hawaii.

Bobby was also spotted in Budapest, Hungary.

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Bobby Lee Charity

Comedian Bobby Lee has participated in various shows that raise funds for charity.

According to a source, he accumulated about $30,000 along with other comedians in a fundraising event.

Similarly, in 2013, Bobby Lee hosted the 9th MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert. This concert was a fundraiser held annually by the MusiCares Foundation.

Bobby Lee Movies, Endorsements, Investments, & Book Publications


Bobby Lee made his debut in the film industry with the movie “The Underground Comedy Movie” in 1999.

However, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” was the movie that made Bobby Lee famous. It grossed over $23.9 million at the box office.

Similarly, Bobby also appeared in another Harold & Kumar series called “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.”

He played the role of Kenneth Park in both movies.

Bobby also acted in the movie “Pineapple Express,” released on 6th August 2008. The movie accumulated $102 million from across the world box office.

In 2012, Bobby was part of the cast for the hit comedy movie, “The Dictator.” He portrayed the character, Mr. Lao, in the film.

The movie collected $59 million in domestic box office earnings and $180 million from the worldwide box office.

Likewise, Bobby Lee appeared as Ricky Lu in the action comedy film “Keeping up with the Joneses” in 2016.

Bobby was also a part of the 2020 film “Call Your Mother,” which looked into various comedians and their relation with their mothers.

Bobby was the voice actor for the role of Tall Goon in the 2021 American-Chinese animated comedy movie “Wish Dragon.”

Also, he appeared as Derrick in the comedy film “How It Ends,” in 2021.

TV Shows

The very first TV show Bobby appeared in was “Unreal TV.”

Then, he was a regular member of the TV show, “MADtv.” Bobby Lee appeared in about 166 episodes of the show.

Furthermore, Bobby appeared in two episodes of the TV show “Mind of Mencia.”

And, he played Danny in an episode of “American Dad!” in 2001.

Similarly, Bobby featured in two episodes of the famous sitcom “Family Guy,” in 2009 and 2011.

One of Bobby’s most famous TV series is “Splitting Up Together.”

He played the role of Arthur in the show.

Music Videos

Not only movies and TV shows, but Bobby has also shown his talents in music videos too.

In 2009, Bobby featured in Eminem’s music video for “We Made You.”

Similarly, he appeared in the famous K-pop girl group Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears” music video.

Lastly, Bobby has featured in “Hangover” and “Dure Dure” music videos by Taio Cruz and Jencarlos.


Bobby has participated in a TV commercial for Booking.com, a website for booking homes, hotels, and more.

According to a source, Bobby charges about $1,348-$2,247 for each sponsored Instagram post.

Bobby Lee Career

Bobby left home at 18 and started working at cafes and restaurants.

However, in 1994 when the coffee shop he worked closed down, he started working at The Comedy Store, San Diego next door.

And, after few months, Bobby tried performing stand-up at the club’s amateur night.

Due to his amazing performances in comedy sets, he started getting offers to open for huge comedians like Pauly Shore and Carlos Mencia within one year of pursuing comedy.

Then, Bobby worked for Pauly Shore’s mother’s comedy club, The Comedy Store, Los Angeles.

Bobby also sells his podcast TigerBelly’s merchandise online. The clothes range from $30 to $45 on the internet.

3 Facts about Bobby Lee

  • Bobby Lee was a member of a breakdancing team in his high school days in Poway High School.
  • Bobby’s parents were against him pursuing a career in comedy, but later his father apologized for not supporting him.
  • Steve Lee, Bobby’s younger brother, has appeared alongside him in several sketches of “MADtv.”


Who is Bobby Lee’s girlfriend?

Khalyla Kuhn is Bobby Lee’s girlfriend. Khalyla is of Filipino origin, and Bobby first met her on a dating app called Tinder.

When did Bobby Lee relapse?

Bobby relapsed during his second year at MADtv because a producer negatively judged him. He also relapsed when his father passed away in August 2019.



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