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Who Is Boston Russell Wife? Relationship Of Wyatt Russell Brother

With the recent appearance of Wyatt Russell in the 2024 movie Night Swim, fans have shifted their attention towards his family, including his brother Boston Russell and his wife.

Born on February 16, 1980, Boston Oliver Grant Russell is an American individual mostly recognized as the son of actor Kurt Russell.

Unlike his other siblings, Boston is not actively seen in the film industry.

Moreover, he did earn one credit as a production assistant in the 1996 movie Executive Decision.

Further, he never appeared in any movies or TV shows and continues to live a life away from the spotlight. 

However, recently, many have shown interest in the personal life of Boston Russell and his wife. 

Who Is Boston Russell Wife? Relationship History!

Celerity kids often catch the attention of people and global media concerning their personal lives. 

This time, Boston Russell, son of American actor Kurt Russell, is being talked about his wife and past relationships.

Boston Russell was born into the Russell family as the son of Kurt Russell and his first wife, Season Hubley, an actress and singer. 

Boston Russell captured with his parents.
Except for Boston, all of his siblings are involved in the entertainment industry. (Source: People)

Despite his family’s rich history in the entertainment industry, Boston is not part of the film industry. 

Meanwhile, talking about the relationship of Boston Russell, despite being a member of the well-known Russell family, nothing is known about his personal life.

Boston prefers to keep his foot away from the spotlight and loves to live in private. 

Further, various sources mention him as a married man. However, all of those lack official confirmation.

Moreover, this lack of information has led to various speculations among his fans, as some consider him married, while others believe he is single.

Given Boston’s wish for privacy regarding his personal life, it’s best to avoid perpetuating unconfirmed information and respect his privacy.

Nevertheless, we can conclude that Boston has yet to marry, as there is no official information regarding his married life. 

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Boston Russell Is The Eldest Son Of Kurt Russell

Boston Russell is the eldest son of actor Kurt Russell and his ex-wife, Season Hubley.

The couple remained in a relationship for four years and eventually separated in 1983 when Boston was just 3 years old.

Boston spent most of his childhood in California, USA, along with his father.

Meanwhile, his paternal grandfather, Bing Russell (1926-2003), was a former actor.

His paternal grandmother, Louise Julia Crone Russell, was an established dancer. 

Likewise, his maternal grandparents also remained part of the entertainment industry throughout their lives. 

Boston Russell captured with his stepmom Goldie.
Boston Russell shares an exciting bond with his stepfamily.

Furthermore, after his parents’ divorce, his father soon found himself in a relationship with the actress Goldie Hawn.

While his mother remarried David Hayball in 1992 but soon separated in 1994. 

Meanwhile, his stepmother Goldie had two children from her past relationship with Hill Hudson and shares a son with Kurt.

Moreover, despite such a large family, Boston’s relationship with his stepfamily seems amazing.

He also attends every family affair and occasion with his father’s new family.

However, he is quite secretive about his personal life and doesn’t make any appearances in the media on his own.

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Boston Russel’s Current Life: What Does He Do For Living?

Boston Russell lives away from the spotlight and rarely appears with his family.

Despite his family’s involvement in the entertainment industry, Boston never appeared in films or TV shows.

Boston captured wearing a grey t-shirt.
Boston Russell currently lives away from the limelight. (Source: Goldie Hawn)

Meanwhile, he occasionally attends various red carpet-events with Kurt and Goldie. 

Moreover, in May 2017, Boston supported his father and stepmom when they received the Hollywood Walk of Fame Award. 

Furthermore, it is quite unclear what his profession is for now, as no family member has ever mentioned anything related to it.

However, he did make a few appearances in different television programs, including a 2005 TV show, 60 Minutes, featuring himself as the stepson of Goldie Hawn. 

Nevertheless, Boston stays away from the film industry and continues living according to his willingness.

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