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Boxer Mark DeLuca Wife Hailey Samantha DeLuca: Kids Family And Net Worth

Mark DeLuca is a former professional Muay Thai World Champion, USMF class judge, guitarist, menswear enthusiast, and father.

DeLuca is enthusiastic about continuing to learn, improve and evolve to better serve the company’s needs. Strong work ethic, determination, and persistence were necessary for success throughout his career.

According to Rami, Mark is a great and well-rounded fighter who brings a tremendous Thai style into the ring.

Boxer Mark DeLuca Wife Kids And Family: Who Is Hailey Samantha DeLuca?

Mark DeLuca was married to his long-life girlfriend, Hailey Samantha.DeLuca is a multi-talented person and has been involved in different sectors.

He is popularly known as a former professional Muay Thai World Champion, but apart from his boxing career, he is also a guitarist and a fantastic father.

Mark DeLuca with his family celebrating his son’s birthday
source: Instagram

Hailey is not private regarding her Instagram post, as she frequently shares her memorable time with her friends and husband. Both the couple share pictures about vacations and events on their Instagram post.

The couple also has revealed their son’s picture. They have one son named Dean William DeLuca. Dean William DeLuca was born at 3:19 pm on Feb 21, 2019, with a fighting weight of 7 lbs 3 oz.

Dean is three years old as of 2022. The couple seems to have the best time of their life with kids having fun and creating memories.

The fighter has not revealed any information about his parents and family background but shares a moment and picture of him with his wife and kids on social media.

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Mark DeLuca Net Worth And Career Details

Mark is a Head Muay Thai Instructor at Yamasaki Academy-Woodbridge/Springfield and a fine Artist at DSquared Artwork. He is working as Sales Development Representative at StarCompliance in the United States and joined on August 2021.

DeLuca joined DSquared Artwork on Jan 2015 as a Fine Artist and still working on it. Mark worked as an Elite Account Director from Jan 2021 to Jul 2021, an Elite Account Executive from May 2020 to Jan 2021, a Senior Account Executive from Dec 2019 to May 2020, and an Account Executive from Aug 2018 to Dec 2019 in Yelp.

Mark DeLuca
Mark DeLuca, Former Professional Muay Thai World Champion
source: Twitter

The boxer was a Head Muay Thai Instructor at Yamasaki Academy from Sep 2012 to Oct 2019 in Springfield, Virginia, and Muay Thai Instructor/ Pro Fighter at Yamasaki Academy-Woodbridge from Jan 2012 – August 2018.

Before this, DeLuca worked at David Alan Clothing as a Regional Sales Director- Northeast in Washington D.C. Metro Area from Dec 2016 to Oct 2017 and Style Consultant in Northern Virginia and Washinton D.C. from Jan 2016 to Oct 2017.

Mark joined L.A. Boxing Franchise Corporation as a Muay Thai Instructor from Jan 2012 to Aug 2012 and was a Professional Fighter/ Trainer at Khaay Muay Sit Kangmongkorn from Feb 2004 to Dec 2011.

While working for a custom menswear clothier, he had to be persistent with his clients to maximize sales. His persistence helped him to build trust in his relationship with the clients.

DeLuca has not revealed his net worth publically, but according to his experience, we can assume that he had earned quite a fortune.

Who Is Mark DeLuca? Social Media And Education Details

Mark DeLuca is a former pro fighter and trainer based in Northern Virginia at the Yamasaki Academics and a versatile person with various work experiences besides his boxing career.

Mark DeLuca
Mark DeLuca at the seminar
source: Instagram

He is active on social media; we can see their vacation posts and other pictures. The bonding between the family seems solid and happy.

The couples are active on social media, as we can see posts in large numbers in the account of both. Hailey has 499 followers, and Mark has 1,351 followers. We can find Mark DeLuca on Instagram as mdeluca02 and Hailey as balzerhs. 

DeLuca has completed his B.S. in Marketing from La Roche College and was a Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach, CMMACC in Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association.

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