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Who Is Lions GM Brad Holmes Wife Lisa? Son B.J And Daughter Lola

Brad Holmes wife, Lisa, has been a source of inspiration for him, and she has always been by her husband’s side, loving and supporting him in his career.

Brad Holmes is the acclaimed General Manager and Executive Vice President of the National Football League’s (NFL) Detroit Lions.

However, his ascent to the top of NFL management is a story characterized by tenacity, devotion, and a love for the game.

Moreover, he played defensive tackle for the Aggies as a four-year letterman, working under head coach Bill Hayes during his undergraduate career.

He was elected team captain in 1999, a year in which he contributed to A&T’s triumph in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and the Black college football national championship.

Additionally, the turning point in Holmes’ career occurred in 2003 when he was employed as a public relations intern by the St. Louis Rams.

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Brad Holmes Wife: Meet Lisa Holmes 

Brad Holmes wife, Lisa Holmes, is a steadfast support pillar of strength for him.

It’s essential to acknowledge Lisa’s commitment to Brad’s life and career, even though his accomplishments and services to the NFL have drawn attention.

Before Brad’s rapid rise in the NFL, Lisa and Brad fell in love, and now they are more than simply husband and wife; Lisa is also a partner, confidante, and a constant source of support.

Moreover, their joint path through life and the world of professional football is evidence of how well they get along.

Brad Holmes Wife
Brad Holmes wife is a constant source of support and encouragement. (Source: M Live)

The pre-marital counseling they received via Lisa’s church solidified Brad and Lisa’s relationship.

Further, he participated in making a vision board during that period despite not being familiar with the idea.

Brad remembered the special day they created these vision boards together, and he shared his goals and aspirations, including a cutout of Ozzie Newsome raising a Super Bowl trophy.

This represented his aspiration to work at the top levels of NFL administration.

In addition to making this vision board, Lisa showed her support by maintaining her everlasting faith in Brad’s skills.

She supported him as he pursued a professional sports career, accepting the difficulties and apprehensions that went along with it.

Her commitment and comprehension were essential as Brad rose through the NFL levels to become the general manager of the Detroit Lions eventually.

Furthermore, Lisa continues to be a continual source of inspiration and strength for Brad Holmes as he makes crucial decisions in the NFL.

Brad Holmes Children: Meet Son B.J And Daughter Lola

Brad puts in a lot of effort to mold the future of an NFL team, but his responsibility as a parent to his two young children defines another crucial area of his life.

B.J. and Lola are more than just names for Brad Holmes; they are a source of joy, inspiration, and motivation.

Moreover, they stand for the future and reflect the perseverance, commitment, and pursuit of excellence that their father holds dear.

Brad Holmes Wife
Brad Holmes children provide the family with joy, love, and warmth. (Source: Lions Wire)

Brad and his wife, Lisa, surely take great delight in B.J., whose full name is probably Brad Jr. Additionally, his presence in their life gives their path a more profound significance.

B.J. is learning about hard work and perseverance from a living example as he watches his father’s success in the NFL, lessons that will influence his course in life. 

Furthermore, the family dynamic is balanced by Lola, the daughter of Brad and Lisa Holmes, who offers a distinctive perspective.

As B.J.’s sister, she shares the experiences and possibilities of being a member of an NFL family. Her presence gives warmth and love to the Holmes family.

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