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Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry Arrested For Greg Pierzchala Murder

People want to know about Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry, who is accused of killing Greg Pierzchala. Be with us till the end to learn more about Brandi Crystal and Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry.

A 25-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, Randall McKenzie and Brandi Crystal Lyn Stewart-Sperry, are both charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Const.

Greg Pierzchala on December 27. They appeared via video for a hearing on Tuesday and were remanded in custody until February 21.

Const. Grzegorz “Greg” Pierzchala, an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police, had just completed his 10-month probationary period when he was shot and killed on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old was informed of the good news before going out on patrol earlier that day.

According to OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique, Pierzchala had wanted to be a policeman since he was five.

“[He] had a brief chance to live out his dream and do his best to maintain our community safe,” said Carrique of CTV News Toronto.

On Wednesday, Carrique paid tribute to Pierzchala, saying he was widely respected and recognized by his colleagues.

Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry Arrested For Greg Pierzchala Murder

McKenzie and Stewart-Sperry wore bodysuits and medical masks as they appeared via video feed before a Cayuga, Ont., a judge Tuesday afternoon, who set their next court date for February 21.

Defense teams say they have received the first pieces of relevant evidence from prosecutors, with another wave of disclosures expected in mid-February.

Pierzchala was shot on December 27 while responding to a call for a vehicle in a ditch west of Hagersville, Ont., south of Hamilton, and died in hospital.

Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry
Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry. (Source: Hamilton Spectator)

According to Police, Pierzchala was ambushed and had no time to defend himself.

After appearing in court via video Tuesday afternoon, a man and woman charged with murder in the death of an Ontario Provincial Police constable were remanded in custody.

Randall McKenzie, 25, of Six Nations of the Grand River, and Brandi Crystal Lyn Stewart-Sperry, 30, of Hamilton, face first-degree murder charges in the death of Const. Greg Pierzchala.

Their next court appearance in Cayuga has been scheduled for February 21.

On Monday, defense lawyers said they received a package of documents from the Crown but expect another “substantial wave” of material in early February.

McKenzie appeared from the Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre and Stewart-Sperry from the Milton Vanier Centre for Women. Both were dressed in jumpsuits and wore medical masks.

More Details on Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry

According to police, two suspects abandoned their vehicle after the officer was shot and fled on foot before allegedly stealing another car from a citizen at the scene.

Since September, Pierzchala was Canada’s fifth officer killed in the line of duty.

On the day he died, the Barrie, Ontario, native learned that he had completed his probationary period with the OPP. He wrestled at York University before going into law enforcement.

Brandi Crystal And Randall McKenzie Lyn Stewart-Sperry
Greg Pierzchala was murdered recently. (Source: CTV News Toronto )

McKenzie was on bail at the time of the shooting for allegedly assaulting three people, one of whom was a peace officer, and for related weapons offenses such as carrying a handgun with a defaced serial number.

McKenzie was denied bail in that case at first, but it was later granted.

When Pierzchala was killed, he had a bench warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear for a court date.

Following Pierzchala’s death, the head of the Ontario Provincial Police Association stated that the shooting demonstrated the dangers of policing.

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