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Brandi Mallory Autopsy And Instagram: Before And After Weight Loss Photo

Brandi Mallory autopsy report has revealed that the 40-year-old “Extreme Weight Loss” star passed away due to complications related to obesity.

Brandi Mallory, a versatile personality, was known for her roles as a television figure, makeup artist, dancer, and inspirational speaker.

The reality TV show star touched many lives with her journey towards weight loss and her advocacy for body positivity.

Born and raised in Georgia, Brandi was an active participant in beauty pageants during her younger years.

However, she faced disapproval and rejection from the judges due to her weight gain. This adversity, however, led her to discover and pursue another passion: makeup artistry.

She gained recognition as a contestant on the ABC reality show, Extreme Weight Loss.

Her life, however, took an unexpected turn when she passed away on 9 November 2023. She was only 40 years old at the time of her untimely demise.

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Brandi Mallory Autopsy Report

Brandi Mallory, a former participant on the “Extreme Weight Loss” show, tragically passed away due to obesity-related complications, as revealed by her official autopsy report.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s document, reported by TMZ, pointed out several health factors contributing to her demise.

Brandi Mallory autopsy
As revealed by official Brandi Mallory autopsy report, the “Extreme Weight Loss” star passed away due to obesity-related complications. (Image Source: Instagram)

These included her weight, an enlarged heart, and certain blood markers indicating a potential risk of prediabetes.

The autopsy report clarified that there were no recent injuries or any suspicion of foul play.

Although traces of marijuana and alcohol were found in her system, the coroner confirmed that these substances did not contribute to her death.

The autopsy concluded that Brandi Mallory’s death was primarily due to obesity-related complications, which significantly contributed to her passing. Her death was classified as natural.

Mallory’s lifeless body was discovered in her car, parked in an Atlanta strip mall. She was last seen entering her car the previous night.

A vigilant bystander, noticing the car had not moved for an extended period, alerted the authorities.

Mallory competed in the fourth season of the ABC series in 2014 and remained involved with the program until 2018.

Brandi Mallory’s last Instagram post was on 3 December, when she shared a short video of herself eating an apple.

Brandi Mallory Weight Loss Before And After Photo

Brandi Mallory, a participant in the reality show “Extreme Weight Loss,” underwent a remarkable transformation during her time on the program.

The Georgia native managed to lose an impressive 151 pounds, reducing her weight from 329 pounds to a healthier 178 pounds. This dramatic change was a testament to her determination and commitment to improving her health.

Brandi Mallory autopsy
Brandi Mallory underwent extreme weight loss during her time in the ABC show. (Image Source: The US Sun)

However, life after the show proved to be a different kind of challenge for Mallory. Over time, she began to regain some of the weight she had lost.

There wasn’t a specific incident or event that led to this gradual weight gain. Despite the weight gain, Mallory didn’t let it affect her spirit or her mission to inspire others.

She worked out regularly and became a beacon of body positivity, encouraging others to love and accept their bodies as they are.

The late TV show star used her platform to spread this message of self-love and acceptance, impacting many lives in the process.

In addition to her advocacy work, Mallory remained an active member of her community. She continued to participate in local events and initiatives, further solidifying her role as a positive influence and role model.

Through her journey, Brandi Mallory demonstrated that losing weight is not solely about the scale numbers.

It’s about embracing oneself, maintaining a positive attitude, and continuing to inspire others, regardless of the challenges one might face.

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