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Why Was Brandon Farris Arrested? What Happened To Him?

Brandon Farris’s arrest news has gone over the roof on the internet as his arrest video has been trending in TikTok. 

Brandon Farris is a comedian, social media influencer, businessman, and Facebook celebrity residing in the U.S.

He initially began working as a café team member but quickly recognized he was unfit for the position. 

He began selling goods on eBay a few months later to support himself. Farris established a Facebook page in 2013 and started publishing articles there.

After producing multiple videos over two years, Farris achieved fame on Facebook.

The well-known American comedian, entrepreneur, and social media star Brandon Farris. For instance, he has more than 4.7 million Facebook fans. On June 5 of last year, he launched the platform.

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On this platform, he frequently publishes videos. After a day, Brandon Farris’ April Fools Day post, published on April 1, had just under 300,000 views. It demonstrates how well-liked Brandon is.

Why Was Brandon Farris Arrested? What Happened To Him?

Brandon Farris has not been arrested. The video that had been getting viral is part of a video taken from the Unspeakable channels. They had the video up and running by November 19, 2022.

The video was “I Opened a 5-Star Lego Restaurant!” where the Unspeakable made their Lego House converted into a 5-star restaurant for a day. 

Brandon was invited as a waiter for the content, where he served people their food and was a little rude with some of their customers, but out of contentment. 

Brandon Farris
Brandon Farris Arrested Pictured From The Unspeakable Video (Source: Youtube)

One lady was allergic to fish, so she said she would not eat it because of the allergy, and Brandon got her saying, “Eat Your Food.”

Because of that, he was taken by the friendly security guards, and no harm was done to anyone or Brandon. 

It was only a harmless video, and his arrest was only for the video. The legit officers did not arrest him. 

Who Is Brandon Farris? Details To Know 

Farris is a well-known YouTube content maker. His “Imbrandonfarris” YouTube channel debuted on February 14, 2013, with 4.49 million followers and 1,184,309,687 views.

The most watched videos include Trying Science Experiments, Google Translate Makes Donuts, and Quarantine Life Hacks.

Brandon creates videos in a distinctive style. It features tags, parodies, and complex daily challenges for vlogging.

Moving on, we discovered that Brandon is a pro at business. In his internet store, “ImBrandonFarris,” Brandon sells various goods.

T-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, sportswear, tank tops, and sweatshirts can be found in the store’s inventory.

All around America, Brandon’s shop provides shipping services. Brandon’s most successful media is Facebook, which is close to reaching 5 million users.

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A video called “My Stuffed Animals are Possessed” has over 500,000 views. Given Brandon’s massive following, it eventually equates to ad income.

This indicates that many organizations are eager to collaborate with Brandon Farris because he can promote their goods and services.

According to sources, Brandon Farris’ net worth is currently $2.5 million. His success as a content maker on Facebook and YouTube has contributed to his wealth.

Additionally, Brandon operates an online store where various goods are offered. For instance, a hoodie sells for $42 at retail.

Additionally, his tank tops cost $23. Over the past few years, the shop has proven to be very profitable.

Brandon Farris Wife And Daughter

The YouTuber is in a relationship with Maria Gloria. Since 2014, the two have been a couple. The two met while working at a café in Alaska from a podcast the duo recorded.

Pretty shortly after that, they began dating. Maria is a well-known figure on social media, just like Brandon.

She was born on January 11, 1994; therefore, as of this writing, she is 30 years old.

Brandon Farris Arrested
Brandon Farris With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

Maria has amassed a following of more than 246k on Instagram, where she is particularly well-known. It is outstanding, especially considering that she began on July 4, 2012.

Maria Gloria, the girlfriend of Brandon Farris, frequently posts lovely images. She also makes fashion-related posts.

Maria also sells various goods on Spread Shirt, where she may be found. Over the years, Brandon and Maria have maintained a close bond.

He frequently makes appearances with his girlfriend, Maria Gloria, in videos and articles. Even Maria’s daughter benefits much from Brandon. 

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Currently, Farris does not have any biological children of his own. On the other hand, his girlfriend Maria is the mother of a daughter by her ex-husband.

There is a limited amount of data available on the kid. However, we did find out that her name is Autumn Gloria.

Based on her most recent photos, we believe she is between the ages of 9 and 11.



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