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Fairfax Shooting Brandon Lemagne Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

Brandon Lemagne Obituary: Mourning the loss of a beloved soul, we gather to honor and remember the life of Brandon Lemagne.

Following a recent incident in Fairfax County where two police officers fatally shot a man after another officer endured a “violent attack” within his patrol car, the local authorities have decided to make public the body camera footage, and the Chief described it as capturing a “highly intense situation.”

Additionally, the identities of the involved officers, Officer Christopher Grubb and Officer Kenyatta Momon, have been disclosed by the Fairfax County Police.

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Fairfax Shooting Brandon Lemagne Obituary And Death Cause

According to law enforcement officials, Brandon Lemagne, a 38-year-old Newport News, Virginia resident, was operating a stolen U-Haul truck in the Alexandria area of Fairfax County.

On the day of the incident, around 4 p.m., a license plate reader flagged the truck, alerting the officers.

Lemagne stopped and stepped out of the U-Haul at the 6300 blocks of Richmond Highway parking lot. An officer, exiting his police SUV, approached Lemagne at that point.

Based on surveillance video footage reveals the moment when Lemagne forcefully enters the driver-side door of the police SUV, causing the officer to be pushed into the driver’s seat.

The officer’s legs can be seen hanging outside the vehicle, occasionally making contact with the ground. Subsequently, the SUV reverses out of the gas station.

Picture of 38-year-old Brandon Lemagne.
Picture of 38-year-old Brandon Lemagne. (Image Source: WJLA)

The officer’s body camera recording captures Lemagne’s foot on the SUV’s accelerator while the officer remains pinned against the driver’s seat.

Amid the escalating situation, the sound of a horn honking can be heard, prompting the officer to express concern by stating, “He’s trying to reach my gun. He’s going for my gun.”

In response, Lemagne quickly pleads, “Sir, please just step back.” The officer reiterates his plea, urging Lemagne to release his hold on the gun.

According to the body-camera footage captured by Officer Christopher Grubb, an experienced officer with eight years of service, the video depicts him arriving at the gas station around 4:07 p.m. and observing the crashed SUV.

Grubb, positioned across the street near the McDonald’s entrance, can be heard discharging at least 18 rounds within nine seconds at the vehicle, which contained both Lemagne and the officer involved in the incident.

Brandon Lemagne died due to the shooting incident involving Officer Christopher Grubb.

Brandon Lemagne Family Mourns The Loss

Nechelle Lemagne, the sister of Brandon Lemagne, expressed concerns about the handling of the case by the police, particularly regarding the shots fired after her brother was removed from the vehicle.

In an interview with WJLA, she mentioned receiving conflicting information and shared that her brother had been shot three times in the face.

However, Nechelle Lemagne could not immediately comment on the matter. Brandon Lemagne’s family is currently grieving their loved one’s loss.

Video depicts altercation preceding fatal shooting by Fairfax County Police
The video depicts an altercation preceding a fatal shooting by Fairfax County Police. (Image Source: NBC4 Washington)

During this challenging time, the family may be relying on one another for support, seeking solace in cherished memories, and leaning on their network of friends and loved ones for comfort.

They may also be grappling with unanswered questions and seeking clarity about the circumstances surrounding Brandon Lemagne’s death.

It is common for families in such situations to seek answers and justice if they have concerns about handling the case.

As the passage of time brings healing, the family may discover comfort in honoring the life of Brandon Lemagne by commemorating his legacy, celebrating his achievements, and finding meaningful ways to remember him.

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