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Brendan Schaub Truck Accident: Is Comedian Okay After Crash?

Recently, comedian Brendan Schaub was in a very scary truck accident, and the video of the incident is getting viral on the internet, leaving fans worried about his well-being.

Brendan Schaub is a famous American UFC fighter, a podcast host, and a stand-up comedian.

He was born in 1983 on March 18, in Aurora, Colorado, USA.

His career in Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) started in the year 2009 after they signed him for the 10th season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’

Since then, he has appeared in many UFC fights throughout the years, where in some games he won and in some he lost.

He has now officially retired from MMA but continues to play Brazilian jiu-jitsu and holds the rank of a back belt.

However, Brendan Schaub is currently in the headlines not for his MMA wins or podcast statements but for a dangerous truck accident he recently got into.

Horrific Truck Accident of Brendan Schaub: How Did He Escape?

Fans learned about the truck accident of Brendan Schaub after it was all over social media sites.

In the video, he appears to be driving his truck on an off-road, which was very rough and bumpy.

He looked very confused before things turned around, and his truck flipped upside down.

Brendan Schaub on the stage doing stand up comedy.
Brendan Schaub has a very charming personality, which is visible in his stand-up comedy. (Source: Twitter)

He was trying to make a turn, and suddenly, he lost control of the truck. It is always dangerous when a vehicle turns upside down or flips.

His truck was much heavier, and it appeared that he was genuinely in a big danger as soon as it flipped.

Luckily, Brendan Schaub had an automatic SOS system in his truck, which went off immediately as soon as it met with the accident.

Despite finding himself in a very difficult situation on an upside-down truck, he managed to get out of it.

Brendan Schaub video footage from the truck accident.
Brendan Schaub’s truck video is going viral all over the internet. (Source: Twitter)

On his podcast, he says that it was his adrenaline that made it possible for him to exit the vehicle.

His adrenaline also made him numb to the pain from the injuries that he got in the truck accident.

Although the injuries were not very dangerous, however, if he had not escaped from the truck in time, it could have been worse.

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Is Brendan Schaub Okay After Crash? Shared His Experience And Feelings

Brendan Schaub had injuries on his neck and his spine area. In his recent tweet, he shares some medical evidence of his injuries.

It was extremely lucky for him not to have a major impact neither on his neck or his spine.

These two areas are often very sensitive and easy to cause damage to.

Brendan Schaub UFC.
Brendan Schaub has fans rooting for his well-being after the viral accident video. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, Brendan Schaub also shared that the accident cost him $200,000 and the truck was his favorite vehicle he ever owned.

He continues to say that this incident has taught him to be more patient.

Brendan Schaub jokingly writes,

“The only question after flipping your truck is, but did you have fun tho?”

This incident made him viral, leaving some of his fans genuinely curious while others took it in a fun light.

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