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Was Brent Sikkema Gay? Husband, Family Of Art Gallery Founder

The news of the sudden death of art gallery founder Brent Sikkema has put his personal life under investigation. Among many questions, netizens wonder if Brent Sikkema was gay. Find out the truth.

Brent Sikkema was a notable name in the art industry as a founder and co-owner of the New York contemporary art gallery Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

He was born and raised by his parents in Morrison, Illinois, and came from a Caucasian background.

Further, Brent’s contribution to the industry is celebrated by personalities like Michael Obama.

Despite his sudden demise at age 75, the art gallery owner leaves behind a great legacy.

As news of his death circulates online, many speculate about his sexuality and wonder if Brent Sikkema was gay.

Was Brent Sikkema Gay? Husband & Family Of Art Gallery Founder

During his active years, Brent Sikkema managed to keep details about his life tucked away from the public.

Such reasons made people even more curious to know if Brent Sikkema was gay.

To answer the question, Brent Sikkema was an openly gay art gallery owner who preferred a low-key life.

Further, he rarely talked about his partners and kept details about his family a secret.

Brent Sikkema with Michael Obama.
Brent shared a special connection with aspiring artists. (Source: Instagram)

However, a brief look at his Instagram account revealed that Brent was linked with a man named Daniel.

Moreover, the couple traveled to several countries and immersed themselves in art and culture.

On the other hand, Brent extended his family by adopting a child, Lucas, with his partner.

Looking back at Brent’s early life, he worked as director of exhibitions at the Visual Studies Workshop after graduating college.

Additionally, from 1976 to 1980, he was the director of Boston’s Vision Gallery.

Soon after, Brent moved to New York and founded Wooster Grdes and named Michael Jenkins as its director.

Brent Sikkema husband and son in Bangkok.
Brent’s partner helped him curate artwork from all over the world. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, he established Sikkema Jenkins & Co., an art gallery that brought underground artists to light.

Brent’s keen eyes for talent and creativity contributed significantly to his success in the industry.

Over the years, Brent Sikkema faced questions about being gay and did not hesitate to express his sexuality.

Moreover, he served as an inspiration to several queer artists to come out of the shadows and express their feelings.

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Brent Sikkema’s Cause Of Death: Investigations Under Way

Along with the talks about his sexuality, the cause of Brent Sikkema’s death has captured people.

The art gallery owner was found dead by his friend and lawyer at his home in the neighborhood of Jardim Botânico.

Further, investigations revealed that Brent had been stabbed multiple times with either scissors or a box cutter.

Brent Sikkema inside a booth.
Brent’s demise came as a shock to his closest family members. (Source: Instagram)

The authorities have also linked the incident with motives of robbery in the house.

According to the news outlet, Brent purchased his Rio de Janeiro townhouse ten years ago and visited at least thrice a year.

Moreover, his local attorney, Simone Nunes, was responsible for looking after the property in his absence.

In recent days, Nunes was concerned about the whereabouts of the gallery owner as he failed to respond to calls.

Later, the attorney visited Brent’s home and was shocked to find him lying dead on his bed.

During a press release, Nunes described him as a kind and generous defense of social issues.

During such a tragic event, Brent’s family has preferred to maintain their silence and seek privacy.

Brent with his family in Brazil.
Brent’s son aspires to be a talented artist. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, his admirers and business partners shared heartfelt condolences and sent encouraging words to Brent’s family.

The horrifying act has marked a dark day for the art industry as they lost a talented individual.

Despite his untimely demise, Brent will continue to inspire a new generation of artists and their artwork.

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