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Bria Murphy Baby In 2023! Michael Xavier Wife Pregnant Rumor

Being a celebrity child has been difficult for Bria Murphy, as her life is constantly under public inspection. Recently, rumors have been circulating claiming Bria Murphy is having a baby. But is it true? Find out more here!

Bria Murphy is the eldest daughter of the Academy Award-nominated actor, comedian Eddie Murphy and former model Nicole Mitchell.

Her natural beauty and artistic eyes have blessed her, helping her excel in her profession.

Further, Bria has been part of several TV shows and movies such as Belle’s, Baby Daddy, and The Start-Up.

Also, modeling agencies are associated with her, and she co-owns an art gallery.

Such success has brought people’s attention to her married life with actor Michael Xavier.

Now, the actress has people wondering if Bria Murphy is pregnant and expecting a baby.

Is Bria Murphy Having A Baby In 2023? Michael Xavier Wife Pregnant Rumor

Fans are curious regarding Bria Murphy potentially being pregnant and having a baby in 2023.

However, this is nothing but rumors, as Bria has not officially confirmed information about the baby.

Further, the actress is not present on social platforms, making it difficult to verify such claims.

Bria Murphy takes a picture with her father
Bria co-owns an art gallery and paints spectacular portraits. (Source: Instagram)

Despite not being pregnant, how did the rumors surface? Well, the speculations about her baby came with a Christmas photo.

In the photo, Bria and her family pose together following a cozy Christmas dinner.

Additionally, wearing a sweatshirt, the actress appeared noticeably pregnant in her comfortable attire.

Similarly, many were delighted to speculate that Eddie and Nicole would become grandparents.

However, fans were disappointed to learn that the photo dated back to 2019.

Ever since her marriage with Michael Xavier, admirers have been eager to hear the news about her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Bria Murphy might have plans to have a baby, but that is not the case currently.

Bria Murphy and family for Christmas dinner
Bria previously worked as a model for several luxury brands. (Source: Instagram)

Over the years, rumors about Bria’s body have surfaced several times.

Previously, many body-shamed the talented artist after she showed her fuller figure during an opening for her art exhibition.

Netizens criticized the 30-year-old painter, who used to be a runway model, for not maintaining her body.

Regardless, Bria has not let negative comments affect her, which hints at her strong personality.

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Bria Murphy’s Private Marriage With Michael Xavier: Relationships Timeline

With the rumors of Bria Murphy having a baby, let’s look back at her past relationships.

Bria has been in several relationships, the most popular being with the R&B rapper Marcus Cooper.

However, later accusations of child abuse were directed at Marcus, which put a bitter end to their relationship.

Bria Murphy wearing a wedding gown
Bria maintains a private life away from social media. (Source: Instagram)

Following such failure, Bria tried her hand at dating basketball player Brandon Jennings.

According to several reports, the player left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Bria.

After unsuccessful connections, the former model searched for the perfect man when she met Michael.

Hailing from Ottowa, Michael is a well-known actor with lead roles in Deadly Inferno, Bitten, and A Swingers Weekend.

After several years together, Bria revealed her engagement photos with Michael in 2021.

Bria with her portrait painting
Bria makes art that resonates with the African community. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the couple tied the knot a year later in a private wedding ceremony their friends and family attended.

Bria’s parents accompanied her down the aisle in a venue adorned with white flowers and candlelit chandeliers.

Despite keeping much of their married life private, Bria and Michael seem happy to spend their lives together.

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