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Meet Brittany Renner Son Paul Aka Baby Shark: Wikipedia And Siblings

Brittany Renner has gained millions of fan followers, and they are quite interested in her personal life, especially her son.

Brittany Renner is a well-known social media sensation, actress, author, fitness model, app developer, and Instagram star.

She hails from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, but eventually made her way to Los Angeles, California, where she became famous for her fitness journey and social media presence.

Meanwhile, she actively participated in soccer during her college years at Jackson State University, making her an athletic person.

Since Brittany Renner has found considerable success in her field, the multi-talented woman has piqued curiosity apart from her career and more into her personal life, mainly her son.

Meet Brittany Renner Son Paul, Aka Baby Shark: Wikipedia

Brittany Renner has a son named Paul Jermaine Washington III, whom she adorably calls Baby Shark.

Paul started getting attention after Brittany posted a video of them playing the piano on her official Instagram account.

She posted a video on September 1, 2022, featuring Brittany Renner playfully engaging with her son on the piano.

While her little one is banging on the keys as most toddlers do, Renner starts playing the tune of Nicki Minaj’s popular song Moment For Life.

Brittany Renner Son Paul reading a book
Brittany Renner Son Paul seems to have a piano talent (Source: Instagram)

Paul Jermaine Washington III was born to Brittany Renner and her ex-boyfriend PJ Washington.

Brittany shares her motherhood and the life of raising her son Paul on a separate Instagram account. The account has now already gathered over 51k followers.

Moving on, in February 2021, Brittany shared news of her romance with NBA player PJ Washington, but TMZ reports that they had already paired up in 2020.

By March 2021, the couple happily announced that they were anticipating the arrival of their child.

In May 2021, Brittany Renner gave birth to a son with her former boyfriend, PJ Washington. But their child arrived just two months after they had disclosed the pregnancy to the public.

However, their relationship ended in July of the same year.

It’s worth noting that Renner and Washington’s son was born several months before they decided to part ways in July of that year.

Considering that Paul is just a few years old, it’s natural that he doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page.

His biological father, PJ Washington, has his own Wikipedia page, but his mother, Brittany Renner, doesn’t.

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Paul Has A Half-Sibling Named Preston

Paul is the only child of his mother, Brittany Renner. However, he does have a half-sibling from his father PJ Washington’s side.

After P.J. Washington and Renner’s relationship ended, Washington moved on and began a new relationship with Alisha Chanel.

PJ Washington and Alisah Chanel with their son
PJ Washington and Alisah Chanel’s son Preston is half-brother of Paul. (Source: Instagram)

Washington got engaged to Alisha in August 2022, who was pregnant with their child then. However, they haven’t revealed their wedding plans yet.

P.J. Washington and Alisha Chanel gave birth to a son named Preston Julian Washington, confirmed by Washington’s Instagram post on December 17, 2022.

But apart from that, Paul doesn’t have a sibling.

There was one time in 2022 when rumors floated around saying Brittany was pregnant. At that time, many assumed that YG was the likely father of the baby.

Their first public sighting together was in April of the same year when they were seen getting ice cream. This sparked immediate speculation about their relationship.

However, it looks like that wasn’t the case, as Brittany hasn’t given birth to any child since then, and it has already been over a year.

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