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Brody Wood Kenney Death News: How Did The Former Local Police Officer Die?

Follow up with Brody Wood Kenney death news. Learn the reason behind Kenney’s death through this article. 

Wood-Kenney was a proud young man with a family history in Boorloo, Perth. He was known for his vibrant personality, sense of humour, and positive attitude towards his family, friends, colleagues, and community.

Brody began his career with the WA Police force at Prendiville Catholic College, driven by his desire to positively impact and build stronger relationships between law enforcement and the community.

He worked at both Perth City and Mirrabooka Police stations and received recognition for his dedication and honesty with a WA Police Medal from the Aboriginal Affairs Division.

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Brody Wood Kenney Death News

Brody died at the age of 22 on March 20, 2022. People have remembered him for one year of his death. 

The mother of 22 years old is determined to keep her son’s spirit alive by establishing the Brody (Wood) Kenney Legacy.

The foundation aims to inspire the coming generation by providing scholarship opportunities in sports, community involvement, and innovation.

The scholarships could help pay for sports registration fees or obtain a driver’s license for employment so that others can live their best lives.

His mother said, “We wanted to celebrate Brody’s life instead of thinking about the last hour of it,” 

To honor their son's memory, Sharon Wood-Kenney and Brad Wood-Kenney are organizing a fundraising walk this weekend.
Sharon Wood-Kenney and Brad Wood-Kenney are organizing a fundraising walk this weekend to honour their son’s memory. (Image Source: Perth Now)

She added, “To leave behind a legacy and live our best lives because that’s what we’re trying to do daily. We still have three other daughters and many other good people around.”

“But for now, it’s all about looking after ourselves, looking, after all, young people and families.” she ended. 

His mother has asked the community to gather in Hillarys to honour the memory of a local Police officer who positively impacted those around him this Saturday. 

It has been almost a year now, and his mother has been able to make him alive and has still worked for him and with his legacy. 

It is challenging for a mother to accept that a son of 22 year old has left this world. She is a powerful woman. 

How Did The Former Local Police Officer Die?

The reason behind his death has not been disclosed in public. His family has kept it private and has preferred not to share it with the public. 

Brody was not only a respected Police officer, but he was also a talented athlete.

He was recognized as the Inaugural Bill Dempsey Football Leadership Award winner and named the best player for the Nicky Winmar Cup.

Brody Wood Kenney with his parents and siblings before March, 2022.
Brody Wood Kenney with his parents and siblings before March 2022. (Image Source: Ngaarda Media)

In 2020, he joined the WA Police School-based Cadetship. Before joining Police school, he played 150 games in junior football at Ocean Ridge. 

In 2019, he was appointed club captain, a great honour. He also had the opportunity to represent the WA State 15s squad in Byron Bay in 2015, where they won the state championships.

Despite being a typical young man with a loud personality and a love for music, Brody was a great role model and inspired those around him to be their best selves.

Brody will always be remembered for the legacy his mother, Sharon Wood Kenney, has started.

Brody’s Father always remarked that Brody was hard to miss, but his mother never saw that as a negative thing, as he never did anything wrong.

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