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Brother Polight Wikipedia: Crime And Charges Of American Author Explored

Born and raised in New York, Brother Polight got involved in various illegal activities at the age of 18. He is now a famous motivational speaker. Let’s explore his interesting life and the Wikipedia of Brother Polight.

Michael Noak, famously known as Brother Polight, is an influencer, writer, and motivational speaker.

Many may not know, but Brother Polight has a very dark past behind him.

However, it was after his release from prison that he completely turned around his life and made a big name for himself.

The Wikipedia of Brother Polight is an extraordinary tale of dedication and transformation in life.

Brother Polight Wikipedia: From Writing Books to Motivational Speaking

After his release from prison, Brother Polight made the decision to dive into the world of literature.

He has over 90 volumes of literary works to his name and they are very famous among the literature enthusiasts.

Brother Polight youtube
Brother Polight has many talents, but his image is always in question. (Source: Twitter)

Not only is Brother Polight a renowned writer, but he is also the founder of a humanitarian organization called Nu-Covenant and works as a motivational speaker.

He has a very impressive skill of speaking seven languages.

Brother Polight has been able to gain himself a substantial number of followers on his social media platforms.

He has over 310k followers on Instagram and 108k subscribers on YouTube.

When asked about the meaning behind his name Polight, Polight says that each letter in the name stands for something meaningful.

Pride, Optimism, Love, Integrity, Gallantry, Honesty, and Trust, together make the word Polight.

While he has been able to revive his reputation with his creative works and motivational speaking, many netizens still criticize his private life.

Brother polight Wikipedia
Coming from a dark background, it is impressive how he was into so much transformation after prison. (Source: Twitter)

It is because he has not one but four wives is a big supporter of polygamy and does not think that having four wives is wrong.

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Brother Polight: Polygamy Controversy, Legal Troubles, and Financial Success

Many are quick to point out that polygamy in the USA is illegal, and he is not following the law by having four wives.

However, Brother Polight has been vocal about him owning legal documents of marriages with all his wives.

He leads a very balanced life with his four wives and four children, two daughters and two sons.

Unlike his sons, his two daughters live with him in his residence with their mother.

Not only is his married life controversial, but in the year 2022, he got himself involved in another serious allegation.

Brother Polight jail
Brother Polight can’t seem to keep himself out of jail for long. (Source: Twitter)

The allegation was he allegedly molested his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter.

Even though, once again, Brother Polight has a shadow on his reputation, unlike his younger years, he lives a very rich life now.

He is the owner of many luxury vehicles, including Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Jeep, and BMW.

Brother Polight has enough money to fully support his four wives and four children.

Various reports suggest that he has a shocking net worth of 12 million U.S. dollars.

As of 2023, Brother Polight is out of prison, which serves as a clarification of his alleged crime against his girlfriend’s daughter.

We cannot say for sure whether Brother Polight is someone to look up to or deserves to receive praise.

But his journey from being a troubled teenager to being a financially stable person is very impressive and Wikipedia-worthy.

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