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Bruce Lamb Obituary NZ And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

Celebrated Police, Bruce Lamb, from New Zealand, died on 24 May 2023. Get insights on Bruce Lamb Obituary and death cause from this article.

Bruce Lamb was a renowned Police officer from New Zealand. Lamb joined the Police in 1978 when he was 18 years old and worked in the dog unit for 35 years.

He owned seven canines, some of whom had received AOS training. Later on, Lamb used dogs to find substances as drug detectors.

In 2010, Lamb was shot in the jaw and knocked to the ground, earning him an award of recognition during a cocaine raid.

During what should have been a routine narcotics raid in Phillipstown, Christchurch, the two Police officers entered Christopher Graeme Smith’s bedroom.

But, drug addict Smith shot Lamb and another Police officer. Gage, Lamb’s dog, leaped forward and was shot; although it was fatal, it made it possible for Lamb to escape with his life.

Sadly, the dog expired there. The perpetrator shot Constable Mitch Alatalo in the leg as he turned his weapon on him.

Lamb praised his dog, saying, “Gage was probably the best patrol dog I’ve ever worked.” Later, Gage received a PDSA Gold Medal for valor.

Bruce Lamb Obituary NZ: How Did The Police Officer Die?

Bruce Lamb, a renowned police dog handler, passed away while hunting with pals. His family handled Bruce Lamb’s Obituary.

However, the official news about his obituary has not been made available to the public since his family wanted privacy at times like this. 

Lamb, who had been a police officer for 45 years, passed away on Tuesday night while he was in the Ashburton Lakes region.

Bruce Lamb Obituary NZ
A renowned Police officer, Bruce Lamb, died at the age of 63. (Source: RNZ)

Corrie Parnell, commander of Canterbury district, described the news as a terrible accident. 

In response to this devastating news, “it is hard to put into words the depth of loss that individuals and teams across all of NZ Police will experience,” he said.

“For 45 years, Bruce was a member of the Canterbury Police family and one of the department’s longest-tenured canine handlers.

He was well-recognized and well-respected in the organization and the communities he served.

The magnitude of the loss that people and teams within the NZ Police Force will feel in response to this terrible news is challenging to express.

Bruce was one of the longest-serving dog handlers in the New Zealand Police Force and had been a member of Canterbury Police family. 

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Family Mourns After Bruce Lamb Death

The death news of Bruce Lamb has completely devasted his family. The 63-year-old was a married man with three children. 

However, his wife’s identity and professional life are not available publicly. Two of his sons work in the same profession as their Father.

Lamb’s son Michael carried on his family heritage by earning his Trentham’s Dog Training Centre diploma in 2021. Christopher, his other son, is a Police officer as well.

Bruce Lamb Obituary NZ
Bruce Lamb at his son Michael’s graduation from the Dog Training Centre. (Source: SunLive)

Christopher paid tribute to his father’s service in 2021: “Joining the Police was never a hard choice for me growing up around dad and seeing someone valued by us kids, who was regarded by the community, and who just loved going to work.”

According to Bruce’s second son, Bruce enjoyed his career as a police, and now he does too.

When he was on duty and his father was not busy, it was always amusing and endearing when DOGS 16 would perk up on the radio and say they could “float that way” when received a job.

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