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Bruce Rockowitz Affair: Cheating Scandal and Controversy

Bruce Rockowitz affair is trending on the internet following the death of his wife, Coco Lee, who passed away after an attempted suicide. Find out more info about his scandal.

Bruce Rockowtiz is a notable Canadian businessman based in Hong Kong who serves as the chairman of Rock Media International and co-founder of the Pure Group.

Initially, he was interested in tennis and even dropped out of the University of Vermont to play tennis professionally in Hong Kong in 1979. Later, he became the head tennis coach at the Hong Kong Country Club.

In 1981, Bruce went on to co-found Colby International with Zeman. From 1986 to 2000, he served as the company’s CEO and president. In 2014, he became the vice chairman and CEO of Global Brands Group.

Apart from his professional career, Rockowitz also makes headlines for his marriage with actress Coco Lee who died on July 5, 2023, at the age of 48.

Does Bruce Rockowitz Have Any Affairs?

No, Bruce Rockowitz does not have any affairs, but the topic has been searched heavily on the internet following the passing of his wife Coco Lee.

Bruce and Coco tied the knot on October 27, 2011, in Hong Kong. Since then, they have been together for a long time and during their marriage, the duo also faced many issues.

Bruce Rockowitz Affair
Bruce Rockowitz was said to have had affairs with younger partners in the past. ( Source: Yahoo )

In the past, there were rumors of Bruce cheating on his wife and having affairs with other ladies. Due to that, people still ask questions about it, and some have even shared their thoughts regarding this matter on various platforms including Reddit.

Despite all the rumors of Bruce having affairs with other ladies, the businessman has not opened up his mouth regarding this topic.

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Bruce Rockowitz Cheating Scandal and Controversy Explained

Bruce Rockowtiz was dragged into the controversy due to his cheating scandal. There are no official records of Bruce cheating on his wife but many people have claimed that he cheated on his wife multiple times.

Not to mention, Bruce’s wife Coco dealt with depression for a long time and attempted suicide on July 2, 2023. Later, she was admitted to the hospital in an unconscious state and on July 5 it was confirmed that she died.

Bruce Rockowitz Cheating Scandal
Bruce Rockowitz reportedly cheated on his wife Coco Lee multiple times in the past. ( Source: Thedistin )

With the sad announcement, people started blaming Bruce for the reason behind the depression of his late wife. Once, Bruce and Coco were rumored to be divorced, and it was said to be from Bruce cheating on his wife.

A person on Reddit talked about this matter and said, “Her cheating husband may be to blame for her depression. RIP.” 

Did Bruce Rockowitz and Coco Lee Divorce?

No, Bruce Rockowitz and Coco Lee had not divorced, but there were rumors circulating on the internet regarding their separation. Rumors of their divorce circulated after when Coco lost her weight drastically.

It was said to be from the stress from her husband who reportedly had affairs with younger partners. Some online sources also claimed that Coco moved out of their home too, but it was not confirmed.

Bruce Rockowitz and Coco Lee Divorce
Bruce Rockowitz and Coco Lee never divorced, but the rumors had circulated on the internet. ( Source: Los Angeles Times )

Furthermore, the divorce rumors escalated more when Coco released a single named Tragic. While sharing the song on her social media handle, she wrote, “Leaving is the best way forward. It’s too late for I Love You.”

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