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Bryan Randall Parents: Father Gary A Randall And Mother Evie Randall

There has been a lot of interest in Bryan Randall parents .and family background following his death at the age of 57.

Bryan Randall died on Saturday after losing a three-year-long battle with ALS. Bryan was a longtime partner of Sandra Bullock and a prominent photographer.

The photographer’s family broke the news of his death to the media on Monday. According to the official statement, Randall passed away peacefully after a lengthy battle with the nasty disease.

After sharing about his illness journey, his family requested privacy to grieve and to come to terms with the impossibility of bidding farewell to their beloved family member.

Meanwhile, the public is eager to learn more about the late photographer’s family and parents. Here is everything we know about Bryan Rndall’s parents.

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Bryan Randall Parents: Father Gary Randall And Mother Evie Randall

Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend, Bryan Randall, was originally from Portland, Ore. He was born in 1966 to his father, Gary Randall and his mother, Evie Randall.

Bryan Randall Parents
Gary and Evie Randall are Bryan Randall’s father and mother. (Image Source: US Weekly)

While there is limited information about the photographer’s childhood and early life, he must have had a wonderful time as a young boy.

Bryan was a family man who valued his relationship with his family members, including his parents, siblings and many others.

He was close to his father and mother, who had been the biggest support of his professional career.

Sadly, Randall’s father passed away in 2017 at the age of 73. Gary Randall died after losing battle with cancer. It has been mentioned that Bryan’s father died on the day he marked his 51st birthday.

According to RadarOnline, Bryan spent time with the rest of his family in Oregon at the time.

While strolling out in New York City a few days after her boyfriend’s father’s demise, Sandra was also spotted looking downcast.

Back then, the media didn’t spot Bullock and Randall together for around three months, which made a huge buzz. However, the publication asserted that Bryan was spending time with his family due to his father’s health issues.

Bryan Randall Mother Evie Randall Struggled After Gary Randall’s Death

Bryan Randall’s mother, Evie Randall, shared several Facebook posts following the death of her husband, and life partner, Gary Randall.

One of her posts revealed how she felt sick and vacant, empty, hurt, and sad. She stated her sadness was beyond words, and she couldn’t express what cancer had taken from her.

Bryan Randall Parents
Bryan Randall and Sandra Bullock were rumored to have parted ways when Randall’s father died of cancer in 2017. (Image Source: Bollywood Mascot)

Randall’s mother also expressed her gratitude, saying what she wanted to do was to share, and God would help her give it all the power that is within her…is how thankful she was to have been married to the most amazing man in the world for 49-plus years.

In a different touching post, Evie said to friends: “Oh dear…let the tears flow. We only had ourselves. I adored our life together!”

Friends also wrote on the photographer’s Facebook page, disclosing it was his 51st birthday on the day of his dad’s passing.

One of his friends wrote, “So sad for your loss on your birthday. It would always have a hint of sadness and memory for you. May that sadness also bring happiness.”

Nonetheless, Bryan Randall was close to his family. Although their time together has been cut short, they must have had a wonderful time together. 

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