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Burn Gorman Parents: Meet Father Thomas P. Gorman And Mother

A stellar performance of Burn Gorman in the science fiction series Pacific Rim: Uprising earns praise from fans and critics alike, eventually leading to global interest in his personal life and especially peaks in details about his parents.

With a career in theater, television, and film, acclaimed actor Burn Gorman has mesmerized audiences with hits from Game of Thrones to Pacific Rim.

Born in Hollywood in 1974 to an academic father, Thomas Gorman, and an unnamed mother, Gorman spent his childhood in England with three sisters.

After studying at the Manchester Metropolitan Theatre, Gorman pursued his acting career when he was twenty.

However, his breakthrough in the industry came with his role as Owen Harper in the BBC TV series Torchwood. In the meantime, he was already in his 30s.

And as of now, he already has more than 70 acting credits to his name. 

Despite having a larger-than-life career in the spotlight, he has hardly opened up about his personal life in the media. 

As a result, his fans are quite curious to know about the family background of Burn Gorman, and lately, their concerns seem to be more on the details of his parents.

Burn Gorman Parents: Meet Father Thomas P. Gorman And Mother

Though Burn Gorman has a profound public image, he likes to keep his personal life out of media scrutiny including his parents. 

So, there is little information to research about Gorman’s mother. But the media is well-informed about his father, who has made quite a good image in academic fields.

Gorman’s father, Thomas built an extensive career as a linguistics researcher and educator, based primarily at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

Burn Gorman looking at Pinocchio at MOMA
Burn Gorman’s father worked as a UCLA professor. (Source: Instagram)

He specialized in translation, pragmatics, philosophy of language, and related subfields.

As per our information, Thomas P. Gorman has written over 50 books on linguistic topics such as “conversational theory” and semantic complexities.

His academic reputation led him to travel as a teacher in the Netherlands, Israel, China, and beyond.

Likewise, he published a book entitled Light Words, Dark Words: Metaphors and the Rhetorical Construction of Experience in 1993.

Burn Gorman with an umbrella
Burn Gorman has versatile acting skills and has shown impressive performances. (Source: Instagram)

While maintaining his title as a research scholar and co-editor, Thomas Gorman underwent the grief of his wife. His wife, Burn Gorman’s mother, died in the mid-2000s.

Though his wife is no longer alive, Thomas is still taking his life with grace in 79. He is now officially retired from UCLA.

Nevertheless, the circumstances of his parents moved Burn Gorman to stay with his wife and children and perhaps turned his attention to his developing acting style.

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Details On Burn Gorman Entertainment Industry Career

After a brief conventional studies, Burn Gorman soon pursued his true passion, acting.

In his early twenties, he joined a prestigious theater training program in Manchester.

After graduating in 1997 with a degree in acting, Gorman initially struggled to get roles, until he had a recurring part on The Bill from 2000-2002.

However, he was able to flex his magnetic talent and versatility in some theatrical productions. At the time, he acted in the play such as The Crucible, the BBC radio drama and TV series Bleak House, and the science fiction thriller Torchwood.

Burn Gorman standing with a stick
Burn Gorman is a California native. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Gorman’s rising profile caught the eye of Hollywood, scoring the roles in The Dark Knight Rises and Pacific Rim.

Most recently, Gorman starred in the award-winning 2023 HBO adaptation of The Last of Us.

At this moment, both pop-culture savvy fans and serious critics praise Gorman’s brilliant performance as he reaches the apex of his unique ten-year career style.

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