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Cai Xukun Pregnant Scandal: 3 Partners Expecting A Baby

The Cai Xukun pregnant scandal has ignited intense scrutiny and discussions on Chinese social media platforms.

The Chinese pop star Cai Xukun has been embroiled in a scandal involving allegations of multiple pregnancies and requests for abortions. 

These shocking revelations have dominated Chinese social media and sparked intense discussions among fans and the public. 

As the controversy unfolds, it sheds light on the complex dynamics of celebrity culture, scandal, and the impact on lucrative brand deals. 

In this article, we delve into the details of the Cai Xukun pregnancy scandal, exploring what he is accused of and the rumors surrounding his personal life.

Cai Xukun Pregnant Scandal: What Did He Do?

The recent pregnant scandal surrounding Cai Xukun has sent shockwaves through Chinese social media platforms. 

On June 26, C took to a live broadcast, presenting what she claimed to be evidence of her relationship with Cai Xukun. (Source: jingdaily)

The allegations stem from a local paparazzo’s claim that Cai Xukun engaged in a one-night stand with a woman several years ago, who later became pregnant. According to the unsubstantiated accusation, Cai Xukun requested that the woman undergo an abortion, which she eventually did. 

The scandal gained significant traction on Weibo, with the hashtag “Cai Xukun Ms. C Abortion” amassing billions of reads and sparking numerous discussions.

The controversy took an even more sensational turn when the woman, identified as Ms. C, decided to expose the affair two years after the incident, citing emotional damage inflicted upon her. 

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During a livestream by the paparazzo, Ms. C shared alleged evidence, including an ultrasound image of the baby, recorded conversations, abortion documents, and WeChat conversations between Cai Xukun’s mother and staff. 

Cai Xukun 3 Partners Expecting A Baby

According to media outlet 163, Cai Xukun allegedly impregnated three partners in the past. 

Prior to the recent scandal, rumors have circulated that Cai Xukun was allegedly involved in three separate instances where women claimed to be pregnant by him. (Source: kbizoom)

In 2019, he reportedly slept with a woman in the fashion industry who became pregnant. Subsequently, he was said to have been involved with a female fan who is also an SNS influencer, leading to another pregnancy. 

The most shocking claim suggests that Cai Xukun had a relationship with the underage daughter of a wealthy family, resulting in her pregnancy.

The rumors further suggest that Cai Xukun attempted various means to abandon the last child, but the wealthy family prevented him from doing so. The situation escalated to the point where the police had to intervene due to the disturbance caused by the wealthy family. 

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Cai Xukun’s mother reportedly appeased the girl’s family and calmed the situation, potentially protecting her son’s reputation and career.

Cai Xukun Mother Steps In

Cai Xukun’s mother reportedly became involved when she learned about the allegations surrounding her son.

According to the claims made by the paparazzo, she allegedly contacted the woman involved in the scandal to discuss compensation, particularly because her son admitted to not using protection during their encounter. 

In a leaked recording that accompanied the expose, a female voice purported to be Cai Xukun’s mother can be heard instructing a staff member to withdraw funds, suggesting a possible cash offer to the woman. 

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Furthermore, it is alleged that Cai Xukun’s mother anticipated the possibility of someone attempting to exploit her son by falsely claiming to be pregnant with his child.


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