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Cam Tait Death And Obituary: How Did The Edmonton Sun Employee Die?

Cam Tait Death: A Veteran journalist, comedian, and author, Cam Tait has passed away this week, leaving behind his exceptional piece of work. 

Cam Tait once said, “If you wish to make things possible, you will have to initiate them, keep dreaming, create your own opportunities – but do some legwork to make sure those dreams are alive.”

Sadly, the man behind inspiring so many people and the pioneer of the journalism sector has now passed away, leaving behind a beautiful legacy. 

The veteran journalist and author served as a role model to many people through his engaging humor and writing skills. He served as an inspiration to upcoming generations of Albertans by overcoming huge odds to live freely and work full-time.

Cam Tait was also able to dismantle obstacles, motivate his community to help others, and offer support for people with disabilities through his engrossing writing and humor, demonstrating that it is possible to alter the direction of your life.

Now, via this article, let’s discuss more about Cam Tait’s death and obituary and find out how did he die. 

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Cam Tait Death: How Did The Edmonton Sun Employee Die?

Cam Tait, who used to work at Canadian Western Bank as a belonging and accessibility specialist and at The Edmonton Sun as a free-lance Tait on 8 columnists, has sadly passed away.

As per reports, he was declared dead on 9 May 2023, and the cause of his death hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Likewise, Cam Tait’s death news was also confirmed by Curtis Stock through a Facebook post which was posted on 10 May 2023.

The Edmonton Sun’s longtime employee, Cam Tait’s death, has left many people who used to love and adore him heartbroken and shattered.

Cam Tait Death
Cam Tait’s death has shocked many of his devoted fans and followers worldwide. (Source: Alberta)

Before his death, Cam Tait was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which is a group of disorders that completely affected his ability to maintain posture and balance and move. 

Although being physically disabled, Cam Tait had a fire and deep passion inside his heart, and his dedication would touch the lives of many.

His sudden and untimely death has definitely shocked the entire journalism and writing community, and his fans throughout the world are paying him tributes on the internet.

The Veteran Journalist Cam Tait Obituary 

Cam Tait’s obituary and funeral services haven’t been released by his family yet as, at the moment, they are seeking privacy and peace.

It is natural for his fans to search for his death details and obituary, but giving Cam Tait’s family and loved ones some space is essential.

Cam Tait worked for the Edmonton Journal for 35 years, first as a freelancer in 1979 and then as a staff member starting in 1985. He frequently advocated for those people with disabilities while writing news, columns, features, and essays. 

Since Cam was living with cerebral palsy himself, he understood the pain of other disabled people, and he selflessly gave back to his community.

Cam Tait Death
Cam Tait’s obituary hasn’t been released by his family members yet. (Source: Facebook)

In addition to writing for the Journal when he first began working there, Cam also contributed to Tait Talk articles to K-97 and wheelchair sports stories to 1260 CFRN.

After only a few years, the Canadian Sports Federation nominated him for the best sportswriter of the Year award. Tait then shifted to the Edmonton Sun in 2014, where he used to write the column Tait on 8 until his demise. 

Cam was also dedicated to assisting those in need among his fellow Edmontonians. He was the ATCO Edmonton Charity Auction of Sun Christmas’ Executive Producer for four years, helping generate much-needed funding for neighborhood organizations.

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