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Meet Christian Araujo, Camilla Araujo Brother: Leaks, Controversy

Camilla Araujo, a famous influencer and an active ‘Onlyfans’ model, is now facing a backlash for posting a video involving her brother. So, what does Camilla Araujo’s brother, Christian Araujo, think of the situation?

Camilla Araujo saw her rise to fame by being involved in Mr Beast’s ‘Squid Game’ in 2021 and widely recognized as the ‘player 067’.

She has since been able to make quite a fan following for herself on various platforms, especially on her Instagram account.

Moreover, she is famous for sharing an amazing bond with the Mr Beast’s ‘Squid Game’ production team.

However, recently, Camilla has been in the news for a very controversial reason involving her younger brother, Christian Araujo.

Controversial TikTok Video Sparks Backlash As Camilla Araujo Interviews Younger Brother About ‘OnlyFans’

While there are few personal details about Christian Araujo on the internet, he looks still in middle school and pretty young.

Christian looks like he has a very special bond with her sister Camilla, as they love making fun of each other.

However, a recent interaction between Camilla Araujo and her brother is raising eyebrows.

Christain Araujo
Christian Araujo is relatively young to get into such controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Netizens think that this particular incident was entirely inappropriate, considering Christian’s age.

The controversy occurred in the summer of 2023 when Camilla shared a TikTok video with Christian.

In the video, Camila interviewed Christian with questions regarding her ‘OnlyFans’ account.

The answers that Christian gave to some of her not-so-appropriate questions shocked many who followed her.

This led to the netizens pointing out how involving an underage in such explicit content crosses a boundary.

The video started getting viral for the wrong reasons, which got the Araujo siblings a lot of backlash.

Camilla Araujo Brother
Netizens think that Camilla should have been more considerate of her brother. (Source: Instagram)

After the backlash, Christian Araujo gave a response to the whole situation.

In his statement, he expresses how the video and the backlash have caused him so much frustration.

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Sibling Strain: Camilla Araujo’s Brother Resentful After Controversial Video

Christian says that he has been quite resentful of his sister Camilla Araujo and will not like to continue talking to her anymore.

According to him, the video led many people to bully him online.

He jokingly adds that her sister should give him compensation or a Disneyland trip.

It seems like Camilla Araujo has created a rift between her and her brother.

However, many of Camilla Araujo’s interview videos with her brother, Christian Araujo, are still present.

Camilla Araujo Brother
It looks like Camilla shouldn’t consider taking her brother, Christian Araujo, to Disneyland again. (Source: Instagram)

Even those videos have a lot of comments suggesting that Camilla is being very irresponsible when presenting her brother on the internet.

No matter how silly or goofy some of her questions may seem, they can be very negative for a young person like her brother.

Many also noticed that Camilla Araujo’s brother, Christian Araujo, seemed very uncomfortable during most videos.

While it seems like Camilla and her brother are not on talking terms, their Instagram account suggests differently.

Both the sibling duo are still following each other. So, they may have mended things in private.

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