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Carlos Deleon Missing Found Dead: Russell Robinson Arrested For Murder

Carlos DeLeon Missing case has now taken a tragic turn after his dead body was discovered by authorities recently.

DeLeon had been missing since June 2023. Although it had been almost five months, there was no trace of him. The 35-year-old Guatemalan man was reported missing by his friends and family.

They hoped for his safe return, but their worst fears were confirmed when his remains were discovered in a North Hills property on Tuesday.

However, on 21 November, the authorities investigating the 35-year-old’s disappearance found his remains in the North Hills backyard of another man.

Explore more about the case in this short piece.

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Carlos Deleon Missing Found Dead

The dead body of 35-year-old Carlos Deleon, a man from Guatemala, was discovered on 21 November in the backyard of Russell Robinson’s North Hill property.

The tragic discovery of his remains has brought a distressing end to a harrowing period of absence and uncertainty for his family and friends.

Carlos Deleon missing
The dead body of Carlos Deleon, who had been missing since June, has been found. (Image Source: Freepik)

DeLeon vanished without a trace, prompting a missing-persons investigation that took a grim turn in November when LAPD homicide detectives joined the search.

Prompted by crucial information hinting at DeLeon’s demise and his burial at a North Hills residence in the 16200 block of Community Court, investigators executed a search warrant.

Their efforts led to a heart-wrenching excavation on Tuesday, unearthing DeLeon’s remains from a backyard where a structure had been removed and the concrete foundation excavated.

Despite the tragic discovery, the police have refrained from disclosing specific details surrounding DeLeon’s cause of death, leaving the case shrouded in further mystery.

Moreover, the death of Carlos DeLeon has left his family in a state of shock and grief. They have horrifically lost their beloved member, and they are struggling to cope with the reality of his absence.

The DeLeon family had been hoping for his safe return, but their hopes were shattered when his body was found in the backyard of a North Hills residence.

They are now seeking justice for their loved one, who was allegedly murdered by a 48-year-old suspect, Russell Robinson. The DeLeon family deserves our sympathy and support in this difficult time.

A 48-year-old Russell Robinson Arrested For Murder

The investigation led to the arrest of a 48-year-old North Hills resident, Russell Robinson, in connection with the murder of Carlos DeLeon. Robinson is now charged with homicide.

Carlos Deleon missing
Guatemala missing man Carlos Deleon’s remains were discovered in the backyard of Russell Robinson’s North Hill residence. (Image Source: Washington Times)

Robinson’s property became a focal point in the case, prompting detectives to delve into the back of his premises between Woodly Avenue and Woodley Place.

Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton shed light on the intensity of the investigation, emphasizing its origins as a missing persons case from June.

The sprawling acre-sized property, notably the rear section close to the swimming pool, underwent scrutiny due to recent alterations that raised suspicion about its involvement in the tragic incident.

Following the excavation that revealed DeLeon’s remains, Robinson was apprehended and booked at the Los Angeles Police Department Valley Jail for murder, where bail was denied.

The investigation remains ongoing, urging anyone with additional information to reach out to Valley Bureau Homicide Detective Moselle at (818) 374-9550.

The unsettling turn of events, from a disappearance to the tragic discovery of remains and subsequent arrest, underscores the haunting reality faced by DeLeon’s loved ones and the community at large.

The case unfolds, leaving poignant questions unanswered amidst the sad echoes of a life lost and justice sought.

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